Events & Outreach

Sustainability Student CampaignHSC Earth Day Celebration – April 12-30

HSC Sustainability will be hosting a virtual Earth Day Celebration with both live and on-demand videos on various topics.  Participants receive a FREE HSC insulated water bottle/coffee mug.  The live event schedule is below, but visit to register and for full details.

  • Sustainable Menstruation, April 13th at noon via Zoom –  A conversation on the environmental, cultural, health, and financial impacts of menstruation and actions we can take
  • Cooking 101: Learn basic cooking skills to reduce your impact and eat healthier, April 21st at noon – Learning basic cooking skills can help people decrease their consumption of processed food which has health and environmental impacts.  This live session will feature a cooking demonstration from Blue Zones with an emphasis on plant-based eating.
  • Greening Your Closet, April 22nd at 7pm via Zoom – Learn how to make your wardrobe more sustainable with Lori Palumbo, Director of Social Enterprise for the Center for Transforming Lives
  • Why Should Health Care Professionals Care About Climate Change?  A Conversation with Health Care Without Harm, April 27th at noon via Zoom – Dr. Amy Collins, a practicing emergency medicine physician, health care sustainability professional, and senior clinical advisor for Health Care Without Harm will share why health care professions should care about climate change

HSC Community Recycling Event

POSTPONED:  This event has been postponed.  While we hoped to hold it in April, it will most likely be the fall of 2021.

Monthly Challenges

While we are in this time of COVID-19 and therefore are not able to host in-person events, we are focusing on virtual Monthly Sustainability Challenges.  Each month we’ll focus on a different topic, and you’ll receive an email each week in the month to help you learn more about the topic and motivate you to practice sustainability in practical ways that work towards a healthy planet and healthy people.  We’ll be doing a drawing each month for a chance to win a reusable cutlery set.  Join the August Sustainability Challenge HERE on cleaning our air.

June 2020 Sustainability Challenge 

All About Plastic

Week 1 – About Plastic & What Happens To It

Week 2 –  Plastic Recycling & Why It’s Better to Reduce & Reuse

Week 3 – Environmental Impacts of Plastic

Week 4 – Human Health Impacts of Plastic

July 2020 Sustainability Challenge

Reducing the Top 5 Single-Use Plastics

Week 1 –  Understand, Prepare, & Commit

Week 2 –  Reusable Cutlery & Alternatives to Ziplocs

Week 3 –  Reusable Bottles, Bags & Straws

Week 4 –  Videos & Resources

August 2020 Sustainability Challenge

Cleaning Our Air for a Healthier Community

Week 1 – Clean Air Action Day

Week 2 – Eating for Clean Air

Week 3 – Indoor Air Quality

Week 4 – Transportation

September 2020 Sustainability Challenge

Partner Challenge

Week 1 – Focus on Food

Week 2 – Focus on Plastic

Week 3 – Acting on Energy

October 2020 Sustainability Challenge

Practicing Sustainability During This Pandemic

Week 1 – Out and About

Week 2 – Around the Home

Week 3 – Going Beyond “Normal”

November 2020 Sustainability Challenge

Being a Conscious Consumer

Week 1 – Mind

Week 2 – Body

Week 3 – Community


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