Tutoring is available for ALL UNTHSC students, whether you attend classes on campus or online. All students interested in tutoring must go through the CAP office. Our tutors are UNTHSC students, your peers. They are trained to share strategies and tools that will allow you to process information more effectively. Our office offers individual, small group, drop in, and large group tutorials based on individual/course need.

Drop-In and Large Group Tutorials (LGTs) are open to everyone in the course. The tutoring coordinator will send out announcements about these opportunities.

For small group and individual tutoring:

  • All students interested in small group or individual tutoring must make an appointment with a CAP Learning Specialist via GradesFirst or by contacting us at 817-735-2531.
  • Online students can request a phone or Skype appointment if you are not able to make it to campus.
  • The CAP learning specialists will discuss learning strategies and an individualized approach for you.
  • If you are approved for tutoring, you will be notified as soon as possible (typically within 48 hours) with your tutor assignment.

This page was last modified on March 23, 2018