Tutoring is available for ALL HSC students, whether you attend classes on campus or online. All students interested in one-on-one or small group tutoring must schedule an appointment with a Learning Specialist in the CAP office. Our tutors are HSC students, your peers. They are trained to share strategies and tools that will allow you to process information more effectively. Our office offers individual, small group, drop in, and large group tutorials based on individual/course need and tutor availability.

Small group and individual tutoring:

  • All students interested in small group or individual tutoring must make an appointment with a CAP Learning Specialist via¬†Symplicity. If you have any difficulties scheduling, please email CAP@unthsc.edu.
  • Appointments have in-person and virtual options based on program and availability.
  • The CAP learning specialists will discuss learning strategies and an individualized approach for you.
  • Once approved for tutoring, you will be granted access to the Tutoring Network in Symplicity.
  • Requests for tutoring must be made each semester.
  • Approval for tutoring access will not be granted until student has attended class.
  • Students are approved for up to two (2) 1-hour sessions per week for the duration of the semester.
  • Exceptions to the 2 hour/week approval would be made for situations such as: when a student is on academic probation, currently failing two (2) or more courses, currently repeating a year, or at the discretion of the Director of the CAP office.

Large group and drop-in tutoring:

  • Drop-In and Large Group Tutorials (LGTs) are open to everyone in the course.
  • Announcements regarding LGTs and drop-in will be made through the Center for Academic Performance Canvas page.
  • LGTs slides will be available in your group files on the Center for Academic Performance Canvas page.
  • Recordings of the LGT will be available within 24 hours.

Want to be a tutor?

You can apply to be a tutor by by going to the UNT System Applicant Portal. Once there, click “Search Jobs” in the left navigation bar. Then under Position Type select “Student” and under Campus select “UNT Health Science Center”. You should see the posting there for an hourly position. Complete the application. If you have any questions or concerns, please email CAP@unthsc.edu.