Learning Strategies

Each student needs to find the most effective learning strategy for their personal needs and academic program. The CAP staff can help students find and implement their best strategy through assessment, counseling, and academic support workshops.

  • 1100 individual student appointments
  • 20 workshops with a total of 1459 attendees

Peer Tutoring Programs

Tutoring programs provide the opportunity to share strategies for organizing and learning the large volume of material required to succeed in graduate and professional schools. The following tutoring options are provided: limited individual tutoring, small group tutoring, large group tutorials, drop-in and on-line sessions.

  • 1938 one-on-one or small group tutoring events
  • 231 large group tutoring events
  • 181 total peer tutors

Writing Support

Students may receive feedback through online submissions and in one-on-one appointments regarding writing samples. Feedback consists of information about content as it relates to the reader, organization, development, diction and syntax, as well as additional information to assist in improving writing skills.

  • 245 of in-person appointments
  • 140 of on-line submissions