Our Story Through Our Numbers

2017-2018 Data Points

Learning Strategies

Each student needs to find the most effective learning strategy for their personal needs and academic program. The CAP staff can help students find and implement their best strategy through assessment, counseling, and academic support workshops.

Learning Specialist number breakdown, listed below.
  • 854 academic counseling appointments conducted
    • 38% of students scheduled multiple appointments
  • 10 Lunch & Learn Workshops presented
    • 210 attendees
  • 7 program specific presentations
    • 341 attendees

Peer Tutoring Programs

Tutoring programs provide the opportunity to share strategies for organizing and learning the large volume of material required to succeed in graduate and professional schools. The following tutoring options are provided: limited individual tutoring, small group tutoring, large group tutorials, drop-in and on-line sessions.

Tutoring number breakdown, listed below.
  • 126 Peer Tutors
  • 450 request for tutoring
    • 99.8% were matched with a tutor
    • 40% requested tutoring in multiple courses
    • 1584 hours of tutoring were conducted
  • 186 drop-in tutoring events
    • 3154 attendees

Writing Support

Students may receive feedback online and in-person regarding writing samples. Feedback consists of information about content as it relates to the reader, organization, development, diction and syntax, as well as additional information to assist in improving writing skills.

Writing support number breakdown, listed below.
  • 5 Writing Workshops offered to students
  • 344 appointments for in-person writing support
    • 53% requested more than one appointment
  • 156 on-line writing submissions reviewed
  • Usage number breakdown by program
    • GSBS: 50.77%
    • SPH: 36.73%
    • TCOM: 8.16%
    • SCP: 4.34%

Academic Accommodations

Our goal is to assist in removing barriers for students while maintaining the integrity of the academic programs and technical standards. The University strives to make all programs, buildings and websites accessible to all individuals. The CAP office is responsible for receiving and retaining documentation; to act as the central referral agency when accommodations are necessary because of specific limitations; and to serve as a liaison between students, faculty and staff to determine the appropriateness of accommodations. Accommodations are granted in accordance with state and federal laws including the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, as amended in 2008, and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.

Accommodation number breakdown, listed below.
  • 133 Students received academic accommodations
    • 2 sensory
    • 19 physical/systemic
    • 59 cognitive
    • 53 mental health
  • Accommodations received
    • 114 received testing accommodations
    • 9 received classroom specific accommodations
    • 7 received lab accommodations


The CAP office proctors exam reviews for System College of Pharmacy and exams for students who receive accommodations or take their exams at an alternate time from the class. For exam reviews, pharmacy students are allowed to see the questions they missed and reflect on why they missed them. Exams are monitored by CAP proctors to maintain the integrity of all exams.

Proctoring number breakdown, listed below.
  • 94 exams reviews offered
    • 1541 attendees
  • 668 testing events proctored
    • 346 for students with accommodations totaling 1157 hours
    • 322 for rescheduled exams totaling 1161 hours

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