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La’Cresha Moore, Ed.D.

Director, Center for Academic Performance

La’Cresha Moore earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Speech Communication and Master of Science degree in College Student Personnel Services and Administration both from the University of Central Arkansas. She earned a Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership from Lamar University. La’Cresha has worked professionally at Texas Christian University and Collin College. Her experience includes working in the areas of Housing and Residence Life, New Student Programs, Admissions and Recruitment, and Student Development. La’Cresha is an active member of the Southern Association for College Student Affairs, Texas Association of College & University Student Personnel Administrators, and the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators.

La’Cresha is passionate about student engagement, development and success. She believes it is a privilege and joy to help students make connections, navigate campus resources and services and reach their academic and personal goals.

Strengths: Developer, Belief, Maximizer, Relator, Responsibility

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Kristina Clark, M.S.

Assistant Director, Disability Accommodations

Kristina Clark serves as the Assistant Director, Disability Accommodations in the Center for Academic Performance at UNT Health Science Center responsible for coordinating services for students with disabilities. She has been a sign language interpreter since March, 1994 and has also been coordinating accommodations for students with disabilities since 1999.

She has extensive experience in providing accommodations such as alternative testing environments, alternative formats of books for individuals with print disabilities, and training individuals on assistive technology. She has experience working with technology such as JAWS, Inspiration, Kurzweil 3000, CCTVs, alternative keyboards, etc. She has worked with multiple universities and community campuses to provide training and consultation of services for students with disabilities. She has presented at national conferences and has been published in the Section 504 Compliance Handbook (September 2009).

Strengths: Relator, Achiever, Strategic, Learner, Responsibility

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Dalenesia Kendrick M.Ed.

Learning Specialist

Dalenesia serves as a Learning Specialist in the Center for Academic Performance and has worked in higher education for over six years. Her experience has included retention programs, residence life, academic advising and teaching first year orientation courses. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Broadcast Journalism and a Masters of Education in Adult and Higher Education from the University of Oklahoma.

Dalenesia enjoys helping students navigate through school so they can successfully reach their goals toward graduation and beyond.

Strengths: Relator, Adaptability, Maximizer, Arranger, Positivity

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Lauren Carter, MHR

Learning Specialist

Lauren serves as a Learning Specialist in the Center for Academic Performance and has worked in higher education for over seven years. Her experience includes working in Housing and Residence Life, creating retention programs, curriculum development and student leadership development. She aspires to help students maximize their potential and teach them how to take a preventative approach to stress management as a foundation for social, emotional and academic development. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Film & Media Studies and a Masters in Human Relations from the University of Oklahoma.

Lauren is passionate about emotional wellness and enjoys connecting students to the resources they need as they work towards their academic and professional goals.

Strengths: Futuristic, Discipline, Relator, Strategic, Individualization

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Brandie Wiley, M.S.Ed.

Learning Specialist

Brandie Wiley is a Learning Specialist in the Center for Academic Performance and has been working in higher education since 2012. She has served as a testing coordinator for Testing and Evaluation Services and also as an instructor at the College of Health Care Professions. In addition, she taught as a public school educator for ten years. She has two Bachelor of Arts degrees (English and Speech Communication) from Texas Christian University and a Master of Education in Special Education – Transition from the University of Kansas.

Brandie has a passion for education and enjoys building relationships with students as she helps them achieve their goals.

Strengths: Input, Harmony, Learner, Intellection, Connectedness

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Peggy Till, M.A.

Tutoring Coordinator

Peggy Till serves as the Tutoring Coordinator for the Center for Academic Performance.  She taught in public school and has worked in higher education for nine years.  Her experience has been with teaching, supervision, testing and assessment.  She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Health Education from Texas A&M University and a Master of Arts in Teaching from Angelo State University.

Peggy enjoys providing opportunities for students to help them achieve success.

Strengths:  Achiever, Learner, Arranger, Harmony, Responsibility

Head Shots

Maudrella Jones, MPA

Testing Coordinator

Maudrella Jones joined the Center for Academic Performance in July of 2018. She serves as the Testing Coordinator where she develops testing schedules and proctor coordination that fits the needs of staff, faculty, students, and other constituents. Maudrella graduated from Grambling State University with a BS in Biology, and also received her Master of Public Administration from GSU. Maudrella has worked in higher education for over six years as an instructor, student development coordinator, and proctor.

Maudrella enthusiastically aspires to build trusting relationships with students by acting with integrity, courtesy, respect, and responsibility to help them achieve success within the classroom.

Strengths: Includer, Consistency, Harmony, Restorative, and Achiever


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