CAP Workshops

CAP Learning Specialists offer interactive workshops incorporating discussions and activities. They will occasionally feature tutors and faculty from various programs. Workshops can be virtual or in-person.

Workshops are offered multiple times throughout the fall and spring semesters. We value participant feedback and encourage students to complete surveys at the end of each workshop. See additional details about our CAP workshops or request a workshop below.

Workshop Topics

Time Management

Having a challenge managing time? Are you having trouble sticking to your schedule? This workshop will allow you to learn about the basics of time management and how to create effective schedules.

Prioritization, Balance and Boundaries

Do you have trouble accomplishing your to-do list? Do you struggle balancing your schedule? What’s getting in the way of reaching your goals? Participants will learn how to prioritize tasks, balance values, and communicate and enforce boundaries in order to reach their goals.

Habit Change

Do you feel stuck in your current ways? Not sure how or where to start in making changes? This workshop will give participants tools and best practices on how to implement and stick to habits.

Focus and Motivation

Are you feeling burnt out? What motivates you? Learn how to stay focused, motivated, and finish the semester out strong.

Goal Setting

Did you set goals for the semester? how are you doing so far? Need Help reaching them? Through the SMART Method and goal setting activities, participants will discuss how to set realistic and attainable goals.

Active Review and Self Testing

What’s the difference between active and passive review? How do you know you truly understand the material? In this workshop, participants will learn how to retain information long term and the benefits of self-testing.

Previewing and Notetaking

Want to learn how to effectively preview material? Need help organizing and find time to review your notes? This workshop will give strategies and skills on effective notetaking and previewing.

Test Taking Strategies and Test Anxiety

Are your test grades reflecting your study efforts? Do you find yourself getting anxious before, during and/or after an exam? This workshop will provide participants with effective test taking strategies and tools to manage text anxiety.

Personal Statement Workshops (Non-Residency)

This workshop covers the basics of writing an effective medical school personal statement. We discuss typical components in a personal statement, Dos and Don’ts for writing personal statements, and we look at examples of good and bad examples of personal statements.

APA Basics

A review of the fundamental rules for writing an APA formatted paper. We discuss creating a student title page, how to properly embed citations, quoting and paraphrasing, and guidelines for the Resource page.


This workshop covers tips and strategies to avoid plagiarizing and how to know if you have plagiarized. We establish the differences between quoting versus paraphrasing, and provide resources for students to use to avoid plagiarism. The HSC policy on academic dishonesty is also covered.

How to Conduct a Literature Review

This workshop defines what a Literature Review is, its purpose, and the different types of Literature Reviews. Strategies for writing a proper Literature Review are covered.

Request a Workshop

Please use the form below to request a group workshop presentation from the Center for Academic Performance. Please submit requests at least 7 business days prior to your requested date. If you would like to meet individually regarding any of the topics above, please schedule an appointment with a CAP Learning Specialist through Symplicity.

Check our website, The CAP Facebook page, Daily News and Canvas for upcoming workshops.