Technology Training

CETS wants our customers to feel confident when using  room technology or equipment that has been checked out. Because of this, CETS offers training to our customers in several audiovisual areas. The training can be provided one-to-one or for a group. We are able to provide scheduled training that would allow time for questions.  CETS is also able to do a brief training a few minutes prior to the event start.

To arrange a training session please send an email to

Current Offerings

  • Podium/classroom use
    • Although CETS strives to have consistency from room to room there are variations.  A good time to request training would be if using a room that is unfamiliar or if you are new to UNTHSC.
  • Mersive Solstice – used to connect wirelessly to room display in select rooms
  • Crestron Mercury –  a web conferencing unit in IREB 443, IREB 475 and IREB 480
  • Audiovisual equipment for checkout – training on its proper use and storage.
  • Event Management System (EMS)/room scheduling – as it relates to audiovisual needs and or Library Computer Labs requests
    • In addition to offering training in EMS, CETS has created some helpful instructions to assist meeting our customer needs.
  • Web Conferencing (Teams/Zoom) – primarily, equipment use with some software basics. The CETS website includes a Web Conferencing page with a list of rooms that are web conference ready and list some additional information about each room.