Classroom and Events Technology Support (CETS)


The Classroom and Events Technology Support (CETS), located in 202, is the team that provides audio-visual and related support for the technology in the classrooms and special events both, on and off campus. CETS supports all UNTHSC students, faculty, and staff.

In response to COVID-19 our department is operating at reduced staff, CETS will have one tech on campus Monday through Friday. Due to current on campus staffing, CETS may need advance notice for some work request.

Returning Checked-out Equipment during COVID hours:  Access to the department is limited due to the Library being closed.  To return CETS equipment please call 817-735-2481 during office hours to make an appointment for the return.


Classroom and Event Technology Support (CETS)
7 AM – 4 PM   Monday – Friday
Call: 817-735-2481
Fax: 817-735-0266

This page was last modified on September 18, 2020