What is “CETS”?

Classroom and Events Technology Support or “CETS” is the UNTHSC group that provides Audio-Visual and related support for the technology in the classrooms and special events both, on and off campus.

“Audiovisual” – Merriam-Webster Online definition:

  1. designed to aid in learning or teaching by making use of both hearing and sight
  2. of or relating to both hearing and sight

At UNTHSC this includes:

  • The “Crestron” systems in the classrooms that allow the presenters to select what their audience see and hear all from a touch panel at the podium.
  • Examples of additional AV equipment offered by CETS:
    • Projectors
    • Portable sound systems
    • Microphones
    • Document Camera
    • Easels/Flipcharts

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  • Video Conferencing
  • Streaming Special Events
  • Computer Labs in cooperation with Helpdesk
  • Recording CER Events
  • AV Consulting
  • AV Related Training

Systems Supported  by CETS

  • Crestron Fusion – At UNTHSC Crestron equipment is used to integrate classroom technologies that typically operate in individually, so they work together as a single system. Each CETS managed room equipped with a Crestron system can be centrally monitored, managed and controlled using Crestron Fusion. Fusion allows CETS to monitor projector lamp usage, unlock a podium touch panel, turn on/off  a projector remotely.
  • Visix digital door signage – Traditionally CETS had to print and manually distribute paper door signs daily for each room listed in the room scheduling system. Now, we are moving to digital door signs to display a room’s reservations for the day. The data is pulled directly from the Events Management System (EMS) and displayed automatically.
  • Kaltura MediaSpace – is a an online media destination. MediaSpace is a video-centric site that serves as a repository for media collections across the organization. CETS manages both the spaces/folders and user rights for the UNTHSC campus.

This page was last modified on June 27, 2018