Service Charges and Fees

Service Charges

We provide various services both on and off campus for our HSC community and outside customers.

Any event that requests a CETS tech to be present for A/V support and charges attendees will be subject to the service charges, even if they are a UNTHSC sponsored event. Please be sure to budget accordingly for your event.

  • Weekend hours (after 5 pm on Friday; all day Saturday & Sunday) – $50 per hour/ per tech. There is a 2 hour minimum charge of $100 for weekends.
  • Holidays (including Holiday weekends) – $80 per hour/ per tech. There is a 2 hour minimum charge of $160 for Holidays.
  • CETS will continue to provide services to events during the week (Monday – Thursday) after 5 pm free of charge for HSC sponsored events unless they require more than one tech to be present (example – camera person and production technicians needed for recording/streaming events).
  • An HSC event is an event that is related to the HSC mission. If a person employed at UNTHSC is a member or sponsor of an outside group holding an event on/off campus it does not necessarily mean it is an HSC event. This group event will also be subject to CETS service fees.

The only exemptions from service fees:

  • Discover myHSC Day
  • Commencement
  • White Coat Ceremonies
  • Match Day
  • Presidents Forum

If you have questions or concerns about charges for your event please contact CETS at (817) 735-2481 or email at least 10 days prior to your event.

Equipment Fees

  • CETS does not charge HSC events for equipment already installed in the room or additional equipment requested.
  • Outside events will be charged equipment fees for equipment already installed in the room plus any additional equipment requested for their event.
Room Packages
MET full auditorium (124 & 125 combined) package for 1st day
MET full auditorium package each additional day
MET half auditorium package for 1st day
MET half auditorium package each additional day
MET 109-111
$200.00 each day
Room podium package – dual projectors
$150 each day
Room podium package – single projector or TV Monitors
$90 each day
Laptops, Screens, and Data Projectors
Data projector  (2000-3500 lumens)
Data projector (5000+ lumens)
Laptops (Power supply, wireless presenter, mouse, VGA cable)
8’ DaLite portable projection screen
iClicker – Audience Response System
iClicker base station with presenter remote
iClicker remote (each)
LCD monitor cart with DVD/VCR combo
LCD monitor cart with Laptop
Large sound system (amp, 2 speakers, mixer)
Medium sound system (Fender 250)
Wired microphone
Wireless microphone kit
Microphone stand (Floor)
Microphone stand (Table top)
Consumables (Lamps, Batteries, Gaffers Tape, etc.)
Document camera (Samsung Portable)
Flip chart easel
Flip chart paper
Markers (4 color package)
Wireless presenter (slide advancer)
Additional Charges
Classroom set up/get started No-Show (Considered after 1 hour late of event start time
Leaving projector on after event is complete (per projector, per day)
Late request for tech Support for UNTHSC event (Considered late with less than 10 days’ notice)
Library Lab No-Show (considered late after 1 hour of event start time)