What AV equipment is in the room?

CETS “Daily Schedule” is taken directly from the Event Management System (EMS). All “Additional AV” equipment (equipment not permanently installed in a room) that has been requested on any given day for a room reservation is automatically a part of that “Daily Schedule” providing the request is made a minimum of 36 hours prior to the reservation time.

Please be sure to discover the equipment that is permanently installed in the room prior to adding any additional equipment.

Room Equipment Discovery

  1. Login to EMS (Room Scheduler)
  2. Click the room number you are interested in reserving (This can be done in many places within EMS)
  3. Select “Features” tab, a list displays all equipment permanently in that room
  4. Place reservation
  5. If what you need is not on the room list of equipment it may be added to your reservation.

This page was last modified on April 13, 2018