Add AV Equipment/Technical Services to Existing Room Reservation

To add AV equipment or Technical Services to an existing room reservation please log into the Event Management System (EMS) then follow the steps  below.

CETS “Daily Schedule” is taken directly from the Event Management System (EMS). All “Additional AV” equipment (equipment not permanently installed in a room) that has been requested on any given day for a room reservation is automatically a part of that “Daily Schedule” providing the request is made a minimum of 36 hours prior to the reservation time.

Please be sure to discover the equipment that is permanently installed in the room prior to adding any additional equipment.

Room Equipment Discovery

  1. Click the room number that is reflected in your reservation, a window will pop-up (This can be done in various views within EMS)
  2. Select “Features” tab, a list displays all equipment permanently in that room
  3. If what you need is not on the room list of equipment it may be added to your reservation, see steps 1-5 below.
Avwroomres1 768x524

1. In EMS go to “View My Reservations”, select the desired reservation to add A/V requests

2. Click the green plus sign under “Services”


3. Select “AV”


4. Click the plus sign next to desired  selection

Av2existingroomres3 222x226

Add Additional AV equipment to a new reservation

At the end of the Room Request form under AV heading is an option to add “Additional AV”. This is equipment that is not on the room’s Features list as shown above. (i.e. additional microphones, easels, flipcharts, microphone stands, etc.)

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Add Technical Services to a new reservation

At the end of the Room Request form under AV heading is an option to add “Technical Services”. If requesting a Technician to be present please note the Technician will arrive at the reservations beginning time unless CETS is notified otherwise via email. Any non-routine request may be emailed to CETS at

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This page was last modified on April 13, 2018