Graduate Certificate in Academic Medicine (GCAM)


Class of 2020 Poster presentation at GCAM

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Discover the opportunities of a Graduate Certificate in Academic Medicine

Enhance Your Effectiveness and Your Career!

 One Academic Year — 7 sessions — Unlimited Opportunities!


Academic Fellowship

Participants focus on developing a solid base of core academic skills and a commitment to a career of teaching, scholarly investigation and leadership in academic medicine.


Subject areas include:


Earn your Graduate Certificate in Academic Medicine (15 credit hours) in one academic year with seven training sessions totaling 30 days. Two sessions will be held on-campus while five sessions will be held online. Both format and content are focused on meeting the needs of today’s academicians and academic institutions.

Participants continue to work on projects between sessions, with guidance from instructor. The last session in June serves as a Capstone course to highlight the completed projects.


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