TCOM Academy of Medical Educators in GME

Meeting Hsc 1


Meeting dates are generally the first Wednesday of the calendar month, from 10:15 – 11:45 AM Central. Some exceptions apply, see detailed calendar below. The Academy meets in LIB400 on the TCOM campus and weblinks are available for remote participation.


Scheduled Topics

Selection from the following topics anticipated:

2023 – 2024


Topic / Speakers

10:15 Welcome & Announcements

10:20 Clinician Educator Feature Presentation

11:15 Coordinator/Administrator Feature Presentation

11:45 Adjourn

Sept 6

The Science of Learning (ETP 8)

L. Nash, DO, MS-HPEd (Sr. Associate Dean, TCOM)

Oct 4

Fostering an Effective Learning Environment (ETP 10)

S. Pillai, MD (Program Director, TCOM/Paris Regional Health Internal Medicine Residency)

Nov 1

Learner Assessment (ETP 3)

D. Bista, MD (Associate Program Director, Baylor All-Saints Internal Medicine Residency)

Dec 6

Curriculum Development (ETP 11)

E. Burleson, EdD (Course Director: Curriculum Development, GCAM, TCOM FDC)

Jan 3


No presentation due to return from holiday break

Feb 7

Learner Professional Development: Coaching, Sponsoring, Advising, Mentoring (ETP 7)

D. DeMoss DO (Program Director, JPS Psychiatry Residency)

Mar 6

Medical Education Scholarship (ETP 9)

E. Burleson EdD (TCOM Faculty Development Center)

April 3

Performance Improvement and Remediation (ETP5)

L. Nash DO (TCOM Sr. Associate Dean)

May 1

Programmatic Evaluation (ETP 6) 

J. Thurman MD (VP GME, DIO, Health Education Services, CHS)

June – August



Summer Break


The Academy of Graduate Medical Educators of UNTHSC Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine is a developmental workshop for leaders, teaching physicians, and administrators of graduate medical education programs affiliated with UNTHSC/TCOM and other invited participants. Updates on topics of current and emerging interest to the attendees will be presented, as well as general faculty and other leadership development programs.


Upon completion of program activities, the participant should be able to:

  • Plan, develop, and integrate curriculum strategies consistent with accreditation requirements for current and emerging topics in graduate medical education.
  • Advance own and contribute to advancement of colleagues’ competencies as a clinician educator.


The Academy of GME facilitates compliance with accreditation requirement ACGME CPR II.B.2.g Professional Development as Educators.