TCOM Academy of Medical Educators in GME


Meeting dates are generally the first Wednesday of the calendar month, from 10:15 – 11:45 AM Central. Some exceptions apply, see detailed calendar below. The Academy meets in LIB400 on the TCOM campus and weblinks are available for remote participation.


2021 – 2022 Calendar:


Selection from the following topics anticipated:

  •       Milestones 2.0 – Evaluation and feedback, how-to

  •       Annual Program Evaluation

  •       DEI for GME – recruitment and retention

  •       Faculty development best practices

  •       ACGME Faculty & Resident Surveys – how to use them

  •       ADS Annual Cycle – Calendar & Best Practices

  •       Improving communication between faculty and residents

  •       Preparing for ACGME 10-year site visit

  •       Developing program mission & aims

  •       Interprofessional communication

  •       Teaching residents billing and coding

  •       QI/PI – Leveraging IHI for longitudinal learning

  •       Developing GME budgets


Please check back for publication of the schedule, anticipated soon.


Interested in joining the Academy? Contact Nicole Williams-Hall to be added to the distribution list. Eligible members include DIOs, program directors, teaching physicians, non-physician educators, coordinators, and administrators in TCOM and TCOM-Affiliated GME programs.