Meet the UNTHSC TCOM FDC team…



Cynthia (Cindy) Passmore, MA


Cynthia Passmore, MA, is the Director of the TCOM Faculty Development Center. Cindy is passionate about faculty development and loves working in academic medicine and has been working in the field for more than 20 years. Cindy’s role at the TCOM FDC includes overseeing all of the programmatic offerings of the Center. Her active involvement in the planning, coordinating, implementing and evaluating of the curricula of the TCOM FDC assures continued high quality training.

Cindy teaches and presents much of the training offered by UNTHSC FDC, most especially in the areas of research and scholarly activity, including introductory statistics and psychometrics. She serves as a statistical consultant and guide for trainees’ research projects and other scholarly endeavors. Cindy also has considerable experience working with clinical teachers / preceptors in the areas of feedback, evaluation and core teaching skills. Although she doesn’t think she is all nerdy or geeky, she has often been quoted as saying, “Isn’t this cool?” when teaching statistical concepts, in particular, applications of the normal curve and the central limit theorem. You must admit, they are pretty cool concepts!

Mrs. Passmore’s educational achievements include a BS in Mathematics, MA in Behavioral Statistics, and completion of all course work in pursuit of a PhD in Behavioral Statistics, all at Baylor University in Waco, Texas.  Cindy is a member of the Society of Family Medicine (STFM) and the North American Primary Care Research Group (NAPCRG) and has presented at both national and international meetings of these groups.



Brenda Wilson, MS

Educational Program Manager

Brenda Wilson is Educational Program Manager for the TCOM FDC. She’s responsible for coordinating the educational activities of the Center.

Brenda works closely with the TCOM FDC Director on program evaluation and various aspects of the Center’s and GCAM Fellows’ projects. Brenda teaches in the areas of curricular design and organizational management.

Brenda is an active member of the UNTHSC Distance Education, Graduate Medical Education, and Valubility (employee recognition) Committees.  To aid her work with the Distance Education Committee, she earned recognition as a Quality Matters Certified Peer Reviewer.  She was a founding member of the UNTHSC chapter of Toastmaster’s International and remains active as a club officer.

She is current Chair for the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine’s (STFM) Faculty Development Collaborative.  Brenda has presented nationally at STFM, Association of American Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine, Association of Family Medicine Administrators and American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) Residency Program Solutions conference.  She has also served on the AAFP’s Exhibitors’ Advisory Council for the National Conference of Family Practice Residents and Student members several times.

Brenda holds a Master of Science in Learning Technologies and a Bachelor of Science in Organizational Management.


Sharon Manson, MA

Educational Program Manager

(Picture and bio coming soon)


Hunter, Sterling

Sterling Hunter, BA

Administrative Specialist

Sterling Hunter is the Administrative Coordinator for the TCOM FDC. His responsibilities consist of event coordination, workshop and conference preparation, correspondence with guest speakers among other administrative duties that helps TCOM FDC flow smoother.

Sterling’s biggest asset to TCOM FDC is his ability to shower any and every person with his hospitality; people feel at ease and comfortable when we have an event. No matter what a person needs whether hot chocolate, Tylenol, or cough drops, Sterling goes above and beyond for all.

On the flip side of Sterling’s nice nature is his alter ego, Mr. T-COM.  Sterling dresses up as Mr. T-COM for various events on campus and has really embraced the role with his resemblance to his childhood hero, Mr. T from the TV show A-Team.  People around campus really enjoy Mr. T-COM as long as he doesn’t address them with his “pity the fool” line.

Sterling’s other involvements include the UNTHSC Administrative Professional Team (APT) Committee, the UNTHSC Valubility (employee recognition) Committee, Board Member of the Fort Worth Admin Awards, and annual volunteer for UNTHSC Earth Day and many other campus events.

He holds a Bachelor of the Arts in Journalism and has a minor in Communication.




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