The Health Science Center has collaborated with Parchment Inc. to accept online transcript orders. Students and Alumni are able to order hard copy transcripts, electronic transcripts, and FedEx delivery services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through Parchment Inc. More information about your transcript request can be found on the transcript-ordering page using the instructions below.

Current Students

  1. Login into MyHSC
  2. Select the “Academic Records” Tile
  3. Select the “Order an Official Transcript” Tab and this will lead you to Parchment Services.
  4. Follow the instructions provided to complete your order.

Alumni (If you cannot login via your MyHSC)

Use the following Parchment Request Form to place your order.

  1. Follow the instructions provided to complete your order.
  2. Use a mouse or touch screen to complete the authorization process.

When placing orders online, we recommend using the latest versions of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

*Please note that if you graduated prior to the year 2000 your transcript may be undeliverable electronically.


Students and Alumni can check the status of their order via the Parchment Self-Service Portal.

Please contact Parchment at Customer Service with any questions regarding transcript ordering problems. Any questions regarding the information on your transcript please contact the HSC Registrar’s Office at

How do I submit my Form D information for TMB?

Complete the applicant portion of the Form D, sign and date. Submit form to Registrar’s Office. We will provide you the completed form once processed. No official transcript request required. 

What is the difference between an official and an unofficial transcript?

An official transcript is a certified statement of your entire academic record at The University of North Texas Health Science Center at Fort Worth. Official Transcripts will include the official school seal and the registrar’s signature. Official transcripts are either printed on special security paper or delivered electronically through a secure third party in a PDF format. An unofficial transcript has the same academic information as an official transcript but it is printed on plain white paper. Unofficial transcripts can be requested by students or alumni through our Academic Records Request form and can be faxed, mailed, or emailed.

How do I get my transcript uploaded to ERAS?

Your medical school transcript will be uploaded to ERAS by the Office of Medical Student Success; no request would need to be made on your part. Please review the “Applying for Residency” tab for further information regarding ERAS Transcripts.

Can I have someone pick up my transcript for me?

You can have someone pick up your transcript, or other documents, for you if the person requesting the academic records specified in writing the name of the person who will pick up the documents. When you request a transcript for pickup through the TranscriptPlus request form a place will be available for you to enter the name of who will be picking up the documents from the Registrar’s Office. The person picking up the documents must have photo identification.

How do I find out if my transcript arrived from another school?

All incoming transcripts are handled by the individual schools at HSC. Please check your student portal,, to ascertain which items, if any are still needed in your application process or contact the admissions office of your school (TCOM, SPH, GSBS, PA, PT, and Pharmacy).