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The Sustainable UNTHSC Newsletter is sent out every few months to keep the campus informed about sustainability on campus.  Click below to download the newsletter, and email the Office of Sustainability to sign up for delivery to your email. We’ll give you updates on what the Office of Sustainability is doing, spotlight heroes in sustainability, and tell you what’s coming.

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January 2013

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June 2013

Newsletter June 2013


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Leaflets: Guides to Sustainable Living

New Student Guide to Sustainability

student sustainability guide


New Employee Guide to Sustainability

staff guide

Useful Websites

Want to learn more about sustainability or environmental issues? Check out these websites:

Sustainability in Life & our World

Sustainability as a Career


Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED):

  • About LEED
  • LEED Construction: Building a Brighter Future

The Carbon Footprint Calculator