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The Structural Anatomy and Rehabilitation Sciences (SARS) Graduate Program is a collaborative, inter-professional program offered by the Center for Anatomical Sciences and the Department of Physical Therapy through the UNTHSC Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences.
The SARS program offers both M.S. and Ph.D. degrees combining research, coursework, and teaching experiences. The program also supports D.O./Ph.D. and D.P.T./Ph.D. dual-degree students. These degrees are designed to develop and train students to serve as faculty members and independent researchers in various departments at universities and health science centers.
The program focuses on anatomy and movement science using advanced experimental, computational, and clinical tools. Major research foci of the in the program include:
  • Evolutionary Anatomy & Functional Morphology: Studies investigating the structure and function of musculoskeletal tissues from evolutionary and/or anthropological perspectives.
  • Clinical Anatomy & Biomechanics: Studies investigating the analysis, design, and development of orthopedic and rehabilitation protocols, techniques, tools, and assistive devices.
  • Neuroscience: Studies investigating the production, learning, and control of movement.
  • Education & Pedagogy: Studies investigating the teaching and learning of anatomy/movement science through the development of novel educational tools, techniques, and assessment strategies.


Both degree programs may be entered by applicants holding a Bachelor’s degree.  Students do not typically complete both programs (the M.S. degree is not a prerequisite for admission to the Ph.D. program).  Completion of the M.S. degree typically requires 2-3 years; the Ph.D. degree is generally completed in 4-5 years. Typical semester-by-semester degree plans for the M.S. and Ph.D. degrees are provided below:



All applicants to the Structural Anatomy and Rehabilitation Sciences (SARS) Graduate Program must apply through the UNTHSC Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences online application system.  Specific application guidelines are available for each degree: M.S. application guide; Ph.D. application guide (note the SARS Master of Science degree is a “traditional” M.S. degree at UNTHSC).

The annual application deadline for both degrees is February 1 for fall matriculation.

Individuals interested in applying to the SARS graduate program are strongly encouraged to inform the Graduate Advisor for Anatomical Sciences (contact info below) or a prospective CAS faculty mentor of their intent prior to submitting an application.



As of Fall 2016, the financial support offered to Ph.D. students is $32,962 ($26,185 after tuition and fees) annually for up to 5 years.  Acceptance into the SARS graduate program does not guarantee nor imply financial support. Offers of financial support are specifically stated either in the offer of admission or in separate correspondence.



Anatomy Travel Award Program (Center for Anatomical Sciences): $500 per student, preference for presenters. Rolling deadline. Application available here.

Graduate Student Travel Award (Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences): $500 per student, preference for presenters.  Requires $250 match from department or major professor. Deadlines: January 1 (April 1-September 30 travel), July 1 (October 1-March 31 travel).  Application available on GSBS website.

Professional Development Award (Graduate Student Association): $600 per student for conference presenters; $400 for workshop attendees.  Deadlines: August 14 (August-September travel), September 21 (October-December travel), January 5 (January-March travel), March 23 (April-May travel), May 21 (June-August travel).  Application available on GSA Orgsync website.


Magdalena Muchlinski, Ph.D.
Graduate Advisor for Anatomical Sciences
Center for Anatomical Sciences
Phone: 817-735-2037



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