Forensic Anthropology

The mission of the Center for Human Identification's Forensic Anthropology Unit is to provide forensic anthropological analyses of human skeletal remains cases originating within a medicolegal context.

Three forensic anthropologists offer the following case-related services to state and local law enforcement agencies, Medical Examiners, Coroners, and Justices of the Peace:

  • Search, location, and field recovery of forensically-significant human remains, including the excavation of clandestine graves. (Note: These recovery services are only available to Texas agencies.)
  • Skeletal remains analysis, which may include: the assessment of forensic significance, documentation of remains, and the creation of estimated biological profiles; comparisons with medical/dental records to support personal identifications; and the analysis of skeletal trauma.
  • Peer-reviewed case reports and expert testimony.

In addition to forensic casework, the Forensic Anthropology Unit provides professional training to law enforcement agencies and forensic pathology fellows upon request.

Our Forensic Anthropology Team

Mark Ingraham, MS

Associate Director, Forensic Anthropology Unit

Wendy McQuade, PhD, D-ABFA

Senior Forensic Anthropologist

John Servello, PhD, D-ABFA

Senior Forensic Anthropologist

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