Richards College

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Richards College is named after David M. Richards, D.O.  Dr. Richards served as president of the Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine from 1986-1993 and oversaw the institution’s transition from a free-standing medical school to an academic health science center.  Dr. Richards served as the first president of the newly formed University of North Texas Health Science Center atFort Worth from 1993-1999.

During his tenure as president, the medical school and health science center underwent a tremendous expansion, adding the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, the School of Public Health, and the physician assistant studies program.  In addition to the growth in academic programs, the health science center became the fastest growing research program in the state.

The Medical Student Government Association created the D.M. Richards Endowed Scholarship upon his retirement in 1999.  Dr. Richards currently resides in Ohio.

Richards College Faculty Director:  

Ryan Seals, DO

Richards College Faculty Advisors

Jeffrey Beeson, DO

Michael Carletti, DO

Sajid Surve, DO

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