Advisory College Program


The Advisory College Program is a mentoring network designed to promote greater interaction between faculty and students at TCOM. Each college serves as a learning community where faculty advisors facilitate curricular and co-curricular activities to develop skills which will aid medical students as future physicians.

As part of the program, medical students are placed into one of six colleges within TCOM where faculty members serve as advisors and mentors. Each college will work with students on activities to promote professionalism, wellness and professional development through College meetings and activities.





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Faculty Advisors- Each Advisory College is led by four faculty advisors. The faculty advisor acts as a mentor, role model, and guide for the student. Students should not only meet with them when they have academic concerns but also throughout the year to build a solid mentoring relationship that will serve them for years to come. Faculty Advisors are a great resource and they can provide you with a wealth of information concerning the curriculum, study suggestions, advice for rotations and so much more. Additionally, Faculty Advisors are aware of the many resources available at HSC and, if needed, can refer you to the appropriate support services. Faculty Advisors maintain an open-door policy or students may request an appointment via email or phone. (Please select each of the crests above to see the Faculty Advisors for that College.)

If you are a student at TCOM, we encourage you to get to know your faculty advisor and meet with them regularly.