Cost of Attendance

Your I-20 lists an estimate of your cost of living and educational expenses for your first academic year at the Health Science Center. How much each student actually spends will vary based on lifestyle and number of courses taken in each semester. Living expenses are calculated on a particular formula to provide safe housing and proper nutrition.  Tuition and Fee estimates are based on enrollment in only the minimum number of required courses each term, meaning those students taking more courses will have higher expenses. Tuition or Fees can be amended by the Health Science Center at any time and therefore, your cost per semester can increase even when you do not take extra courses. Below are the I-20 financial requirements by degree and program for the 2018-2019 school year. Dependents add an additional cost which can be found on each Cost of Attendance Budget.

Please note:  All estimated funds are specifically for International students applying for an F1 visa.  All funding is based on a 12-month calendar year.


Physical Therapy Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences GSBS Medical Science (Med Sci) Program School of Public Health  Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine


In order to be issued an initial I-20 to secure an F-1 Visa Appointment, international students must prove sufficient financial support. The annual estimated cost of attendance includes one academic year of tuition, it also includes fees, health insurance, and cost of living. F-1 visa holders are required to submit proof of financial support based on federal regulation. Not only does UNTHSC require to see these documents in order to issue an I-20, you will also need to provide them at your visa interview to show proof of funding prior to receiving an F-1 visa stamp. Please note, without sufficient funding at your visa interview, your visa will be denied.  The purpose of proving sufficient financial support is to ensure that all international students are prepared for the cost of living in the United States and do not unknowingly put themselves under financial duress. In order to prove sufficient funds, international students must submit bank documents that are less than 6 months old.








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