Quick-Fill Water Stations

In 2012, with funds from the Environmental Service Fee (now Sustainable Campus Fee), the Office of Sustainability through Facilities Management purchased 12 water stations for campus.  Since then, stations have been purchased through construction costs, departments, and as old units wear out.  Today, we have over 40 units on campus.  The stations provide cold, filtered water to a refillable bottle in a quick and convenient way.  The purpose of the stations is to minimize plastic bottle waste and promote healthy and sustainable practices.


Pictured here: Rebekah Sessoms, TCOM graduate

Refill Counts*

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* The number of 12 oz. bottles saved from landfills

Locations on Campus

Currently there are 39 quick-fill stations located throughout campus.  We do not have plans to replace every fountain on campus, but rather have them in strategic places to get the most use.  There are three ways a water station can be installed in an area:

  1. A department purchases one.  The stations are between $1200 to $1400 each with about $600 for installation for a total of $1800 to $2000.  If your department would like to purchase a station, contact Facilities Management.
  2. There is construction in the area, and it can be rolled into construction costs.  For example, the IREB is equipped with quick-fill stations as part of the building design.
  3. The Sustainability Committee votes to install a station with its funds.  In this case, the committee decides based on the number of students in the area (the committee uses student fee money), proximity to another water station (the committee looks to spread them out over campus), and need in the area (it prioritizes based on number of potential users).