Property Control

Property Control is responsible for managing the personal property acquired with both State and non-State funds and any property donated to the Health Science Center; for disposing of the equipment through Surplus; and for maintaining the institution’s equipment inventory. Before an item that is on the inventory is shipped or taken from campus, Property Control must inspect it in order to identify the Health Science Center tag numbers and serial numbers. This ensures that any exchanges initiated by the vendor without the agency’s knowledge can be identified and properly handled. Property Control will also have the correct serial number and be able to accurately retag the equipment after the item is returned.

The department also provides a resource for surplus goods for UNTHSC departments.

For additional information, please contact Property Control at (817) 735-2152 or by fax at (817) 732-0220.

Pamela Peden
Pamela Peden
(817) 735-2152

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