Mail Services

The Campus Mail Service is responsible for the sorting, distribution, and collection of all campus mail, outgoing official Health Science Center mail, and all student mail of academic nature. Please refer to the Mail Services Policies and Mail Services Guide sections that explain the different mail types, mailing procedures, economical mailing methods, preparation and separation of mail, and other pertinent subjects. Proper use of these guidelines will enable the Mail Service staff to expedite the mail for the Health Science Center. Information on the proper method for addressing envelopes and certified receipt placement on envelopes can be found in the Central Services Training Link

For additional information, please contact Mail Services at (817) 735-2219




Susan Crutcher

Mail Services Supervisor

(817) 735-2219

Address: EAD 124


Mail Services moving to Chart of Accounts

Starting on April 3, 2017 please begin using your department’s entire Chart of Accounts string for sending your outgoing mail. There is a Chat of Accounts Form on our website at Chart of Account Form  for you to complete and attach with your outgoing mail. Mail Services will now require the form so that we will have record of the account string with the name of the department or the grant account holder.
If you would prefer to write the account string on the envelope, please ensure that the whole entire string is above the Return Address and does not run past half way across the top of the envelope. If the account string does not fit on the front, it may be listed on the back of the envelope. It would help Mail Services if the numbers and letters are clearly written and easy to read if hand written.
The Mail Services team appreciates your assistance and cooperation during this time of transition. If you have any questions, you may contact us at 817-735-2219.


This page was last modified on March 28, 2017