Mail Services

The Campus Mail Service is responsible for the sorting, distribution, and collection of all campus mail, outgoing official Health Science Center mail, and all student mail of academic nature. Please refer to the Mail Services Policies and Mail Services Guide sections that explain the different mail types, mailing procedures, economical mailing methods, preparation and separation of mail, and other pertinent subjects. Proper use of these guidelines will enable the Mail Service staff to expedite the mail for the Health Science Center. Information on the proper method for addressing envelopes and certified receipt placement on envelopes can be found in the Central Services Training Link

For additional information, please contact Mail Services at (817) 735-2219




Susan Crutcher

Mail Services Supervisor

(817) 735-2219

Address: EAD 124

Notice: Starting September 1, 2011 Mail Services will begin using a presort mail company for outgoing mail. We will begin using #10 letter envelopes.  In order to receive the cost savings from the presort mail service; we must use the following guidelines:

Must use white envelopes.

Address in center of envelope.

Leave 5/8″ to 1 inch of space from the bottom of the envelope to the bottom of the address.

Do not overstuff the #10 envelopes with more than five sheets of paper. Use a 6 x 9 or 8 ½ x 11 flat. This can save approximately $.20 per envelope using a 6 x 9 flat instead of an overstuffed #10 letter envelope.

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