What Are We Doing Now?

Tagging Room Locations with Barcode Tags

Barcode tags with room number assignments will be placed at each location for the Health Science Center community. The barcode tags will be a vital piece of the inventory process with RFID. The barcode tag placement began on March 22, 2012. The on – campus buildings will be completed before going off – site to clinics and other locations with UNTHSC assets.


barcode tags









Virtual Asset Tracking Training Provided by Radiant RFID

Radiant RFID provided training on March 27 – 30 for the use of the VAT system. The training covered all aspects for using RFID for inventory purposes.

Software – The Radiant team provide information on the key structures for the VAT software.

Handheld Reader – The training provided the operational features of the Motorola MC 3090 Handheld Reader. We were provided with information on operation features used for the following:

handheld scanner













Fixed Reader (LIB 207) – The fixed reader was commissioned to allow e – mails to be sent to a designated e – mail address to track the movement of assets as they move in and out of the location. The installation of the fixed reader is intended for testing for future placement of additional fixed readers.


fixed reader










RFID Tags – This part of the training was dedicated to tag selection and proper tag placement on assets to get the best read range possible. This will be vital for inventory using RFID. Environment will be a key issue on selecting the proper tag and proper tag placement.













Performing the Annual Inventory for 2012

The Annual Inventory for 2012 will be performed by the retagging of assets with RFID tags. This will be performed by Property Control using department staff and temporary personnel to perform the retagging process.

Asset Tag Number












The asset tag numbers will be associated with the RFID tag. This process will be performed through the RFID handheld reader. The association of the RFID tags combines UNTHSC tag numbers with the RFID serial numbers.

Desktop computers and printers will use the universal tags.

The process of associating the RFID tags with existing tag numbers assigned to assets is on-going. As of June 8, 2012 all existing computers and printers have been associated and are currently being retagged.

Laptops may use the universal tag. An alternative is being looked into for cosmetic purposes.

Handheld device barcode tag










Servers will use a hanging tag.

size of tag













RFID tags for lab and clinic equipment will be dependent on the type of material the asset is constructed. These types of assets may use the universal tag or a plastic encased tag. Assets constructed with plastic with minimal metal framing will use the label tag.

The process of associating existing the RFID tags with existing asset began on June 11, 2012.

RFID tags for assets such as cameras, weapons and other items with small areas will receive a smaller tag. Progress is on-going to identify the tags.

Asset reports will be sent to the Asset Coordinators for each department.

The Asset Coordinators will be notified of the date the retagging process will occur in their areas. The retagging of assets will be based on locations.

Develop Extraction File Process

We are currently working with UNT FIST to finalize the extraction process to move EIS Asset Management data to Virtual Asset Tracker. This process will allow the VAT system to update EIS Asset Management with the most recent location changes.