RFID Implementation Tasks

Initiate a purchase order for Radiant RFID’s Virtual Asset Tracker.

Purchase order issued on 12/19/2012. The purchase included the following:

24 Clients – Software in a device. (Server, mobile reader, desktop computer, and fixed reader)

Mobile Reader

Fixed Reader


Maintenance, Support and Training

Artwork Proofs for RFD Tags.

The artwork was approved on 1-17-2012 and submitted to Radiant RFID for printing on tags.

Select appropriate types of RFID tags for UNTHSC assets.

A list of 7300 assets was submitted on 1-24-2012 to determine the types of RFID tags appropriate for use on UNTHSC equipment.

Three types of RFID tags were proposed for UNTHSC assets on 2/3/2012.

The RFID tags are expected for delivery the week of 3/19/2012.

RFID tags are ordered with Property Control’s numbering scheme for tag numbers to tag new assets in FY12.

Identify servers for the Virtual Asset Tracker software.

The Virtual Asset Tracker software was installed in designated servers on 1/31/2012.

Load Virtual Asset Tracker on designated desktop computer.

Desktop versions will be installed in two computers

Install a fixed reader designated for LIB 207 for tracking and testing. Test the capabilities and options of the fixed reader for consideration to expand additional fixed readers.

A doorway survey was completed on 1/17/2012 to identify the appropriate fixed reader to provide the best readability for RFID tags.

The fixed reader was received 2/9/2012.

The fixed reader was mounted in place the week of 2-13-2012.

Set up the mobile RFID reader for conducting an inventory for assets.

The mobile reader was received on 2/9/2012.

Set up of the mobile reader began on 2/15/2012.

Select EIS Asset Management fields for use in the Virtual Asset Tracker (VAT) system. The selection of the fields are based on the purpose for the VAT system, requirements of state law, and the need for providing a relationship between EIS Asset Management with Virtual Asset Tracker.

The fields were selected on 1/30/2012 and submitted to Radiant RFID.

Asset ID

Tag Number


Serial Number


Custodian Dept ID


Establish a hierarchy for locations in Virtual Asset Tracker. Import locations from the EIS Location Table in EIS Asset Management.

The determined hierarchy will meet the immediate need for the implementation purpose and for possible future use by other campuses.

The location hierarchy for VAT:

Business Unit

Building Name

Location Code (Building and Room Number)

Develop extraction files from EIS Asset Management for assets and locations for importing into Virtual Asset Tracker and exporting VAT changes into EIS Asset Management.

Cleanup of asset data and locations was completed on 1/31/2012.

The tests for the asset and location extraction files were submitted on 2/1/2012, 2/26/2012 and 3/5/2012.

Place barcode tags for existing locations for inventory purposes with the use of a RFID mobile reader.

Barcode tags are expected for delivery the week of 2/5/2012.

Hire temporary employee to place the location barcode tags at all locations.

Training provided for the Virtual Asset Tracker system.

Radiant RFID will begin training on March 27, 2012 for the use of the software, mobile reader, fixed reader and placement of RFID tags on assets.

Visit the Texas Tech Health Science Center, Paul L Foster School of Medicine.

Texas Tech Health Science Center, Paul L Foster School of Medicine visit was on March 5, 2012.

Hector Aranda, Joe Elizondo and Enoch Gomez provided information and insights on their implementation of the VAT system.

Retag existing assets.

The retagging process will begin upon completion of the VAT training session. (April)

An employee will be assigned to retag all existing inventoried assets.

How departments can help in the retagging process.

Provide assistance to the Property Control employee retagging the inventoried assets.

UNTHSC personnel can send an e-mail to property@unthsc.edu listing the inventoried assets they use in the office and assets off campus.

What are we doing now?