Property Control FAQs

Where is Property Control?

  • Property Control is located in the General Service Building, room 144. 3420 Darcy St.

When does Property Control tag assets?

  • Most assets are tagged as they are received by Central Receiving. The assets have been identified and assigned tag numbers prior to the receipt of the asset. Central Receiving will notify Property Control when asset has been received. Arrangements are made with the Asset Coordinator for assets that must be tagged at a later date.

Who does Property Control contact for issues pertaining to assets?

  • Asset issues are directed to the department’s Asset Coordinator. The Asset Coordinator can request a report from Property Control for inventoried assets.

What is the blue sheet that comes from Property Control with asset information on it?

  • The name of the blue sheet is Property Acquisition Notice. The Property Acquisition Notice is generated when a complete payment has been made to the vendor and the asset has been moved into Asset Management. The blue sheet is sent to the Asset Coordinator to review the description, serial number and location. Changes should be marked on the blue sheet and returned to Property Control within one week to update the Asset Management system.

How do I transfer an inventoried asset to another department?

  • Complete an Equipment Transfer Notification form to identify the departments involved in the transfer of the asset. The department relinquishing the asset will need to complete the Equipment Transfer form. Obtain the signatures from the department heads involved in transfer. Send the Equipment Transfer form to Property Control. The Equipment Transfer form can be found in the Property Control website under “Forms”.

Are all assets required to follow asset guidelines even if they are not on inventory?

  • All assets are subject to state and fiscal policies even if they are not part of UNTHSC’s inventory. An Equipment Transfer form is required for accountability and location changes. A Property Custody Receipt is required if the asset is being removed from campus.

How do I have the location changed for an inventoried asset?

  • Complete an Equipment Transfer form with the current and new location. Send to Property Control after the department head signature has been obtained.

What do I need to do to use UNTHSC assets off campus?

  • Complete a Property Custody Receipt (online version) listing the assets that will be removed from campus. Assets should not be taken off campus until approval has been given by the department head. Changes to the assets listed on the Property Custody Receipt require a renewal. Property Custody Receipts do not extend beyond 12 months.

Who is the Asset Coordinator for my department?

  • A list of Asset Coordinators can be found in the Property Control website.

Where is surplus stored?

  • Surplus is located in the General Service Building, Room 138. Entry can be made from the west side of the General Service Building.

How do I get something from surplus?

  • The Surplus Master List can be found in the Property Control website under “Surplus”. It is advisable to come and look over the asset before initiating an Equipment Transfer form.

Can I buy something from surplus?

  • Surplus Sales are conducted on the internet and a storefront. The sales are open to the public. Assets sold directly to an individual through a negotiated price must be approved by the department head and the Executive Vie-President for Operations. Individuals are welcome to participate in our sales.

How often does UNTHSC conduct an inventory?

  • The state requires all agencies to conduct a full inventory of assets at least once each year. Other inventories conducted are blind and 1% spot checks. Asset Coordinators are contacted when an inventory is being conducted.

How can I make the annual inventory process a little easier?

  • Property Control attempts to identify end users for tracking purposes. The names are entered in the asset system and are included in the inventory reports. The addition of the names allows the Asset Coordinator to link a tag number and the asset end user.

What should I do if an asset is stolen while under my responsibility?

  • Report the incident immediately to the law enforcement agency responsible for the area of the incident. Within 72 hours of the incident, complete a “Missing/Stolen” form and a statement of the incident. Send the “Missing/Stolen” form, the statement and the police report to Property Control for reporting purposes to the state.

What should I do if an asset is lost while under my responsibility?

  • Complete a “Missing/Stolen” form and a statement of the incident within 48 hours. Send the “Missing/Stolen” form and the statement to Property Control.

What course of action is taken when an asset is lost or stolen while under my responsibility?

  • When Property Control has received the “Missing/Stolen” form, statement, and police report, the individual accountable for the asset will be contacted to answer some questions pertaining to incident. All documentation is forwarded to the appropriate vice-president for the determination of negligence. The state requires all negligence issues be forwarded to the State Attorney General. The Attorney General will contact the individual to demand payment for the asset.