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Age influences the frequency and progression of nearly all diseases and profoundly impacts our resistance to injury and ability to recover. The Institute for Healthy Aging integrates state-of-the-art clinical care, cutting-edge research, innovative education and training, and community engagement, to create solutions for a new era of enduring quality of life.


The Institute for Healthy Aging (“IHA”) was established in September of 2015 and represents an expansion of what was formerly, the Institute for Aging and Alzheimer’s Disease Research (“IAADR”, established in 2001).  The purpose of the IHA is to serve as a nexus of collaborative research into the causes, prevention, and treatment of age-related conditions and diseases that afflict the quality of life of our population. This goal is achieved through the stimulation of interdisciplinary programs of basic biomedical research, translational research, and clinical studies into the early diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of age-related conditions. Importantly, the Institute plays an active leadership role in the dissemination of this new knowledge to students, health care professional and to the informed lay public. The research teams consist of those who conduct basic “bench-top” science, clinical research, community-based research and clinical trials. The translational approach of the Institute is intended to foster discovery and expedite those discoveries toward the benefit of those suffering from brain disease. The IHA also supports educational and health promotion programs within the community that encourage healthy brain aging.


Institute for Healthy Aging is to serve as a focal organization for leadership in all aspects of research and education within the UNTHSC into the causes, diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of age-related conditions, to include neurodegenerative diseases, that afflict our population.

Brain Bank

The Brain Bank has been established to aid researchers in the advancement of knowledge and understanding of Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia. The goal is the discovery of new treatment options for those living with memory impairment. The UNTHSC Brain Bank has two primary focus areas that are distinct, yet related and interactive. They both focus on illnesses involving the brain, and both seek to obtain tissue from cognitively intact individuals along with individuals who have suffered from cognitive decline.

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