Research Leadership

Brian Gladue, PhD
Executive Vice President for Research

Robert McClain, PhD
Associate Vice President for Research & Innovation
HSC Next

Thomas Cunningham, Ph.D.
Associate Vice President
Office of Research Administration

Cameron W. Cushman
Assistant Vice President, Innovation Ecosystems
HSC Next

Mazen Barakat, MBA
Assistant Vice President, Budget & Finance
Division of Research & Innovation

Research Directors

Egeenee Daniels, DVM
Executive Director
Department of Lab Animal Medicine

Tania Ghani, MS, CIP
Executive Director
Office of Research Compliance

Karissa O’Brien, MBA
Assistant Vice President
Office of Sponsored Programs

Meredith Fogleman, MBA
Research Enhance & Assist Program

Gregory Harris
Associate Director
Research Information Systems & Analytics

Itzel Pena Perez, MS, CIP
North Texas Regional IRB

Christina Aguilar, CPIA
Assistant Director

Kisna Toruno, MA
Director of Budget & Finance
Division of Research & Innovation

Amanda Hatcher, MBA
Director of Grant Accounting & Fiscal Compliance
Sponsored Program Accounting