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NorTex is a collaborative network of researchers and clinicians throughout North Texas and other parts of Texas.  Although practice-based research networks (PBRNs) have been around for some time now, they continue to thrive because we realize that research conducted in tertiary medical centers does not always translate into primary care practice.  It is with this notion that we conduct primary care and public health research that can be translated into published guidelines and policies, improve the delivery of care, and improve the health of our community.

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Currently, our partners are an extension of those who form the research network (NorTex) and include the following organizations:
• University of North Texas Health Science Center at Fort Worth
• Tarrant County Public Health
• Cook Children’s Health System
• John Peter Smith Community Health Centers
• Parkland Health and Hospital System Community Oriented Primary Care Centers and Dallas Health and Human Services
• Private practices in Texas, including rural locations


  1. To maintain and grow NorTex by creating and maintaining relationships with researchers, primary care clinics, and clinicians throughout Texas.
  2. To develop areas of research priorities based on the needs and interests of the Texas community and the members of NorTex.
  3. To offer resources to researchers and clinicians of NorTex.
  4. To maintain a forum for members of NorTex to communicate and express research interests, including dissemination of research findings.

Research Interests

The NorTex PBRN is not limited to any one area of research other than its applicability to primary care and public health practice. However, NorTex has a special interest in the areas of:

  • Health disparities research
  • Applying public health research into clinical practice
  • Evidence-based medicine outcomes research
  • Translating health policy into clinical practice
  • Behavioral research with special focus on smoking, obesity, and other unhealthy lifestyle choices.
  • Epidemiological research
  • Community programs and effectiveness outcomes measures


This page was last modified on May 30, 2017