Delivering Health Care Access to Texans Where They Are

Graphic says "Your location, ethnicity or occupation should not determine your access to quality health care."

Health disparities exist all around us.

  • They exist for the woman working two jobs who delivers a preterm baby after complications caused by chronic stress.
  • The Texas farmer whose high blood pressure goes undetected because he can’t drive two hours to the nearest doctor.
  • The young boy suffering life-threatening asthma attacks and living with a parent who smokes.
  • The family besieged by diabetes caused by a diet of corner store food and soda.

These are all different people living in different places and facing different problems. Every Texan has the chance to make a difference in the lives of those around them. Each day we make a choice to directly impact others. Help HSC make a difference in the lives of your fellow Texans. 

HSC launched the Health Disparities Campaign raising awareness and supporting innovative programs


Graphic in shape of Texas that says "Health Disparities affect all 254 counties in Texas"

Discover how you can change your community, support HSC and your fellow Texans

Pediatric Mobile Clinic

Our Pediatric Mobile Clinic delivers medical care to families in need by offering health services for all patients regardless of their income, insurance status, or ability to pay.

Doctors and nurses provide well-child exams, sick visits, immunizations, laboratory testing, and health/sports screenings.

With your funding, HSC will fight infant and childhood mortality by expanding care to new and soon-to-be mothers and their babies. HSC believes that every child deserves a healthy start and a first birthday. 

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Rural Education Program

The rural education program is increasing access to health care by placing health care providers in areas of greatest need throughout Texas.

HSC has the highest graduation rate of family medicine doctors in the State of Texas, making this program vital.

Your support of this program decreases the number of people that lack access to basic medical care.

With your contribution, HSC will increase the number of health care providers across Texas in areas of greatest need. 

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Asthma 411

Asthma 411 breaks down barriers across Tarrant County by providing medication, intervention, and support in local schools.

Through valued community partnerships, HSC is able to deliver medicine and teach students and parents how to prevent asthma attacks.

This program reduces EMS calls related to asthma at schools, improves attendance in school for children with asthma, and helps children breathe easier.

Asthma is the most chronic childhood illness, and it disproportionately affects children in underserved communities.

HSC needs private donations to continue this program and expand to the rural school districts of Parker County.

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SaferCare Texas

The Patient Safety Initiative is actively going to promote best practices in the health care setting, and ensure the safety of the lives of your fellow Texans.

It is believed that medical errors cause more deaths than HIV, Malaria, and Tuberculosis combined.

This newly launched public-private partnership will work with health care clinics across Texas addressing the root cause of medial errors.

Together we will deliver the best care possible to patients in both rural and urban settings.

With investments from donors, HSC will be able to deliver the Patient Safety Initiative and decrease medical errors in medical clinics across Texas. 

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Make a choice to end health disparities.

Breaking down the barriers of health disparities requires many different types of programs for all Texans. With focus, determination, and great effort from partners, we can end health disparities.

This page was last modified on June 14, 2021