UNTHSC Foundation offers over 125 scholarship opportunities annually to students of The University of North Texas Health Science Center at Fort Worth. Scholarship awards are based on academic excellence, achievement, leadership, goals and/or other factors. The 2023-2024 General Scholarship Application opens March 1st and close on June 1st.


Terms and Conditions for UNTHSC Foundation Scholarships

All scholarships are for the specific purpose(s) set forth in the award letter and may be disbursed only for those purposes. Questions about appropriateness of use or requests for changes of use for funds must be directed in writing to the UNTHSC Foundation for approval.

No use may violate the criteria of the award or the intent of the donor who established the Scholarship. The decision to approve a change of use lies solely with the UNTHSC Foundation.

All written communication related to UNTHSC Foundation scholarships must clearly identify the name of the scholarship and the applicant, otherwise, the documents will not be considered for an award.

Awards are usually posted directly to the student’s EIS account after the student has confirmed his/her enrollment, met any other criteria, and submitted the necessary documentation in the Scholarship Awards Management System.

The preferred method of transmitting Foundation funds to students is to process through the Financial Aid system. In certain cases (i.e. emergencies, timing issues) the Foundation will write a check to a student up to the non-funded amount of their cost of attendance.

Occasionally, scholarships are paid directly to the recipient to be used for expenses of higher education, but only under certain circumstances allowed by the scholarship’s criteria. The criteria, documentation and reporting needs are outlined in the award letter to the recipient.

Payment of the scholarship award is the limit of the UNTHSC Foundation’s obligation, and the UNTHSC Foundation has no obligation or liability to provide additional or further support to the scholarship recipient.


Renewal Policy

Some scholarships are renewable for subsequent semesters or years. Students are informed at the time of the initial award whether their scholarship is renewable and the process for obtaining future awards. It is the responsibility of the student to submit the appropriate and necessary documentation on time. Reminders will be generated through the Scholarship Awards Management System.