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Rural land comprises 80% of Texas — or about 177 out of 254 counties. It is critical that HSC address access to health care in those areas because:
• 75% of Texas counties are designated Health Professional Shortage Areas
• 64 of 254 counties do not have a hospital.
• 25 of 254 counties lack primary care physicians.
• Many Texas rural communities lack broadband access, limiting access to telehealth.

Our solution

SaferCare Texas at HSC has identified community libraries as a vital partner in expanding access to health care in rural Texas. Through these partnerships, SaferCare provides specialty equipment to create private rooms in community libraries for patients to have telemedicine appointments with HSC providers. Patients in need can also rent medical equipment like wheelchairs, canes, walkers, and portable ramps.

Help HSC expand access to basic health equipment to people in rural Texas! Here is what your generous support could buy:

• Wheelchairs: 4 needed 0 purchased $225 each
• Canes: 50 needed 0 purchased $40 each
• Walkers: 10 needed 0 purchased $125 each
• Portable Ramps: 5 needed 0 purchased $400 each

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