Cover Letters


Simple, suggested format to follow for your cover letter:

First (Introductory) Paragraph:

  • Tell the employer the position you are applying to and how you heard of the position (LinkedIn, their website, etc.) If you were referred to the position by a current employee, be sure to mention their name
  • Give a brief synopsis of your letter stating why you are the best candidate for the position

Second (Education/Experience) Paragraph(s):

  • Based on your education and experience, tell the employer what you can bring to their company
  • If possible, list quantifiable accomplishments (ex: raised $25,000 in research funding)
  • Focus your strengths and descriptions to points they have listed on the job description
  • Explain why you are particularly interested in their company/position based on company research

Third (Closing) Paragraph:

  • The last paragraph should urge the reader to reach out to you so be specific on why you are the ideal candidate for the position without repeating statements already listed in your letter. Close by stating your desire to further discuss your qualifications for the position in an interview.

Additional Tips:

  • Follow up with the employer a week after submitting your cover letter
  • If able, adding an electronic signature to your cover letter may add to the authenticity of the letter