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Seeking to Hire UNTHSC Students or Alumni or to learn about UNTHSC Events?
The Career Center posts job opportunities–fulltime part-time, and internships, including on-campus student jobs–through HSC Connect: https://unthscconnect.com/.

Current students and alumni as well as faculty and staff are interconnected through this platform, which also serves as UNTHSC’s premier networking and event clearinghouse.

Please contact the Career Center at careercenter@unthsc.edu  or call (817) 735-5020 to post a position or to inquire about participation in events such as job fairs and other networking and recruitment activities.

Hiring PA Students/Alumni?
The UNTHSC Career Center, oversees the UNTHSC Physician Assistant Online Job Board, which truly is the best way to post positions and recruit our PA students and graduates, as well as those from other programs (although UNTHSC does not offer a Nursing program, we will allow Nurse Practitioner positions to be posted here since many offices are looking for PA’s and NP’s concurrently).

Please go to the following website and and create a login (no cost to the employer): https://www.unthsc.edu/pajobs/.  If the ad falls within the stated guidelines, we will approve immediately and keep it posted generally for 60 days, unless you fill the position earlier or would like to request more time.

To help manage the volume of information on the job board, we just ask that you limit to one ad posting per week, although you can certainly list several available positions in each posting.


Hiring Managers
For additional resources regarding hiring students, please see the informational materials below

Work Study
See Financial Aid for available opportunities

Work Study Positions

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