Student testimonials

Hear from HSC students and alumni about how they benefitted from the services at the Career Readiness Center.

Madi Garrett Malmquist, School of Health Professions

Shannen Longridge, School of Health Professions

“I wanted to thank you again for helping me practice my interview skills! He also said that I seemed very calm, so I guess sitting with my ankles crossed and hands in my lap really worked to come across calm and confident! I am so grateful for you and all of the help you gave me.”

Physician Assistant Studies Class of 2022. Shannen worked with the Career Readiness Center on her interviewing skills, CV and overall preparedness for the interview trails with hope of working in the highly competitive specialty area of Orthopedic surgery.

Monica Kovuri, School of Public Health

“I am extremely thankful to HSC for preparing me for this journey. Both during my graduate education and later. Proud to be part of the system!”

Monica, a 2018 graduate, came to HSC with a prior medical degree from her home country of India and applied for medical residency during the 2022 match cycle. Through working with the Career Readiness Center team during the fall of 2021 in honing her residency interviewing skills and other application strategies, Monica matched into a brand new Internal Medicine residency program in Georgia with what she describes as very supportive program leadership.

Cecilia Rivera, School of Health Professions

“It’s been amazing learning about wellness, collaborating with clients, finding strengths, and how to be a transformational leader. I highly value the connections with my classmates, we support each other daily despite being separated by distance. I was motivated to pursue this degree because of my passion for serving others and seeing students’ drive and compassion for their patients when I was an HSC employee. Curiosity, determination, and a desire to grow are the factors that contributed to my path to graduate school, and they continue to help me succeed in the program. Additionally, a couple of professors have supported me in times of stress by helping me recognize my strengths and boosting my confidence in my abilities to be a leader.”

Cecilia, a student in the Lifestyle Health Sciences program, anticipates graduating in 2022.