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Mock Interviewing

If you would like in-person practice, the Career Readiness Center does provide Mock Interviewing. You can sit down with a Career Readiness Center representative and practice your interview skills with questions tailored to the program/position you are interviewing for. To sign up for a mock interview, make an appointment on Symplicity.

Instructional Videos

The Ultimate Guide to Acing Your Next Video Interview

Interviewing Presentation: General Tips, MMI Style, and Virtual Interviewing


Big Interview

Big Interview is HSC’s online virtual interview practice system that helps you learn and refine your interview skills, whether you are interviewing for a job, internship, residency, professional school, or another professional pursuit. The system lets you video record your answers to a variety of pre-packaged, discipline-specific interview modules comprised of questions developed by the experts so that you can review your answers at your leisure, and even share them with colleagues, faculty, and other advisers. Additionally, there are modules that address interview tips, choosing your wardrobe, negotiating, developing your stories and much more!


Big Interview Medical New!

For medical students applying to medical residency, this system is exclusively for you! Be sure and check out the specialty-specific practice interview modules, along with additional preparation resources and tutorials.

To use Big Interview or Big Interview Medical, click on the appropriate link above to login or complete new registration using your HSC student email address and student ID number.


Candid Career  New!

What Is Candid Career?

  • Thousands of career videos! Industry professionals sharing their Job Descriptions, Backgrounds and Preparation Advice.
  • A fun and effective way to explore careers. Short 1-3 minute video clips.
  • Discover career fields that you did not even know existed, and learn what it takes to get there.
  • Get Hired advice videos on Interviewing, Resume Writing, Networking and many more topics to help you land that job!

For more information, please view the Candid Career Brochure.

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