Proctoring Services

Testing and Evaluation Services’ proctors protect secure item banks, provide an equal opportunity for all students, confirm UNTHSC’s institutional reputation, and ensure validity of student performance.

Policies for students on testing days:

  • Be on time
  • Enter and exit only through the designated door
  • Sit in your assigned seat (seating charts are posted on the doors)
  • Do NOT write until instructed to do so
  • Verify upload of exam with a proctor before leaving the exam room (computer-based exams only)
  • Turn in all required papers to a proctor after the exam

Policies for faculty:

  • TES will proctor exams that are at least 60 minutes in duration*
  • Request proctoring services 30 days in advance of the event
  • No faculty are allowed in the room during testing

* Please contact Rebel Jones if your event does not meet the 60 minute proctoring requirement.

Rebel Jones
Director, Enrollment Services

Special testing accommodations:

Alternative Seating Request Guidelines
Kristina Clark
Assistant Director of Disability Accommodations
Center for Academic Performance

Inappropriate behavior or the appearance of inappropriate behavior will be documented and turned in to the Vice President for Student Affairs and the
Associate Dean.