Comprehensive Osteopathic Medical Achievement Test

End of Core Rotation exams for TCOM students

For all standardized exams:

    •  Students should bring the following:
      • Laptop
      • Charger
      • Ethernet cable (and adaptor if needed)
      • Photo ID
    • Students should complete all needed software updates prior to coming to the exam.

COMAT Information:

Policies and Procedures:

  • To request a change of testing date, students must submit a Request for Absence form in eMedley and receive approval by their Clerkship Director
  • TCOM Late Policy applies to COMAT exams
  • Campus parking is not free on COMAT exam days. One-day parking passes can be purchased from Campus Police for $2.
  • On Campus COMAT Exam Procedures:
    • Effective Monday, May 17, fully vaccinated individuals no longer need to wear a mask or be socially distant indoors while on-campus at HSC, unless otherwise deemed required for patient related events or contact. Individuals can continue to wear a mask and social distance at their discretion.
    • Seat assignments will be posted outside of the exam room doors.
    • Once you enter the classroom, please go to your assigned seat and prepare to start your exam. Walking around and socializing will be prohibited.
    • At your seat please follow the instructions provided on the classroom screen.
    • Bring your HSC Student ID badge and place it face up on your desk.
    • We will provide scratch paper. Please bring your own writing utensil.
    • Remember to bring your power cord, Ethernet cord, and adapter for your laptop. Wired internet is the most reliable connection for this exam.

COMAT Exam Calendar Spring 2022:

Date Time Fort Worth Location
1/28/22 1:00 pm MET 124
2/11/22 9:00 am IREB 250
2/25/22 1:00 pm RES 100
3/25/22 9:00 am RES 100
4/8/22 9:00 am RES 100
4/22/22 9:00 am MET 125
5/20/22 9:00 am MET 125
6/3/22 9:00 am RES 114
6/17/22 9:00 am MET 124/125

NOTE: All information in the COMAT Testing Schedule table is subject to change. If any changes are made, the table will be updated and students will be emailed the new information.

* Times listed are exam start times. Check-in begins 30 minutes prior to exam start time.


Kristen Priestly, Specialist
Testing and Evaluation Services

Rebel Jones, Director
Testing and Evaluation Services