Information for Faculty

Who Should I Contact?

TCOM – Emily Praslicka (817-735-2693)

Pharmacy – Paige Corder (817-735-2215)

Graduate School/MedSci – Brandie Wiley (817-735-2695)

Physician Assistant Program – Paige Corder (817-735-2215)

Physical Therapy Department – Brandie Wiley (817-735-2695)

School of Public Health – Brandie Wiley (817-735-2695)

Other Questions –


Testing Services Offered

Exam administration and proctoring for computer and paper based exams

Assessment scoring, processing, and reporting

Grade book support for Canvas

Final grade reports for Registrar

Quiz support

Scantron scoring

Rubric and non-traditional assessment support

Item categorization

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