Faculty/Staff Resources

Assessment and Course Support

TES provides the following services to academic programs and faculty members:

  • Assessment & Course Support
    • Campus contact for computer-based assessments that utilize ExamSoft
    • Gradebook setup and management
    • Coordinate makeup assessments
    • Collaborate with Office of Disability Access for students that receive accommodations
    • Score all scantron assessments for campus
    • Collaborate for rubric and non-traditional assessment support
    • Manage final course grade report, EIS import, and grade release
    • Item bank management
    • Proctor high stakes assessments
  • Coordinate external program specific assessments
  • Manage course and faculty evaluation

Academic Program Contact Information

Each academic program has a designated  TES team member that works with the program/academic year. Please use the table below to contact the team member assigned to each program:

Academic Program Academic Year Contact Information
College of Pharmacy Year 1, 2, and 3 Amber Martin 817-735-2796 or Lyndsey Wilson 817-735-2215
College of Pharmacy Year  4 Emily Morehead 817-735-2693
School of Biomedical Sciences All Programs Amber Martin 817-735-2796
School of Health Professions – Physical Therapy All Years Emily Morehead 817-735-2693
School of Health Professions – Physician Assistant Studies All Years Lyndsey Wilson 817-735-2215
Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine Year 1 and 2 Al Rios 817-735-2721
Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine Year 3 and 4 Testing Services 817-735-2672

Academic Progress Report (APR)

HSC team members may access the Academic Progress Report (APR) using the link below:

Academic Progress Report

Course and Faculty Evaluations

Student feedback enables the faculty and staff to maintain and enhance the quality of the curriculum in each school on the HSC campus. Student feedback is reviewed and compiled by administrators outside the purview of the academic department. The evaluations are maintained in a confidential manner and reported anonymously in summary documents provided to faculty and academic program administrators.

Evaluation Overview:

  • All quantitative evaluation data are reported anonymously in aggregate to the appropriate faculty and academic program administrators.
  • All student comments are reported anonymously, without edits, to the appropriate faculty and academic program administrators.
  • Testing and Evaluation Services (TES) does not review or censor student comments.  Students are advised to offer constructive, professional comments which do not contain threats or profanity.
  • Faculty members and/or academic program administrators may identify comments which they consider unprofessional, threatening, or that use profanity, and report these to TES.  Reports received from faculty and/or administrators concerning student comments they consider are unprofessional or threatening are reviewed by the Director of Testing and Evaluation Services and the Sr. Vice Provost of Student Affairs.  Upon completion of a review of the reported comments, a determination is made as to whether the identity of the student should be disclosed for the purpose of counseling, discipline, or ensuring the safety of an individual.

Course and Faculty Evaluations Include:

  • Institution-wide questions (updated 20-21)
  • Program specific questions
    • Course
    • Faculty
    • Student

Evaluation Cycle:

  • Most course evaluations open the last day of the class/last assessment
  • Course information is sent to Course Director approximately one week before the evaluation is set to open
  • Once course and faculty information is confirmed evaluation is created and opened
  • Students can access this platform through Canvas and they also receive email communications for evaluations


Gathering information through surveys provides UNTHSC administrators, faculty, and staff an additional means of assessment. Survey results have been used to provide information on students’ knowledge, opinions, and habits, program use and quality, and students’ plans after graduation.

Surveys are conducted through Qualtrics

If you would like to collaborate on administering a survey to students, please contact us