Physician Assistant Student Seminar (PASS Day)

End of Rotation exams for PA students


Physician Assistant Clinical Knowledge Resources Assessment Tool (PACKRAT)

Self-assessment that gauges PA students’ strengths and weakness before the clinical rotations and PANCE exam


 For all standardized exams:

  •  Students should bring their:
    • Laptop
    • Charger
    • Ethernet cable (and adaptor if needed)
    • Photo ID
  • Students should complete all needed software updates prior to coming to the exam.


PASS Day and PACKRAT Information:

  • Link to the ExamDriver website


  • PASS Day exams are administered on the last Friday of each rotation (check the calendar below for exact times and locations)
  • Each PASS Day exam is 120 questions and lasts 2 hours


  • PACKRAT exams are administered at the beginning and ending of the clinical year
  • Each PACKRAT exam is 225 questions and lasts 3 3/4 hours


  • Contact Claudia Garcia in the PA Department immediately if there are any errors in scheduling


Policies and Procedures:

  • Campus parking is not free on PASS Day/PACKRAT exam days. One-day parking passes can be purchased from Campus Police for $1.


PASS Day Exam Calendar:



7/28/17 8:00am EAD 514
8/25/17 8:00am EAD 514
9/22/17 8:00am EAD 514
10/20/17 8:00am EAD 514
11/17/17 8:00am EAD 514
12/15/17 8:00am EAD 514
1/26/18 8:00am CBH 230
2/23/18 8:00am EAD 514
3/23/18 8:00am CBH 220
4/20/18 8:00am CBH 220
5/18/18 8:00am EAD 514
6/15/18 8:00am TBD

NOTE: All information in the PASS Day Exam Calendar is subject to change. If any changes are made, the table will be updated and students will be emailed the new information.

* Times listed are exam start times. Check-in begins 30 minutes prior to exam start time.



Lisa Karpel
Enrollment Services Specialist




This page was last modified on January 12, 2018