Physician Assistant Student Seminar (PASS Day)

End of Rotation exams for PA students


  • PASS Day exams are administered on the last Friday of each rotation (check the calendar below for exact times and locations)
  • Each PASS Day exam is 120 questions and lasts 2 hours
  • Contact Claudia Garcia in the PA Department immediately if there are any errors in scheduling

On Campus Procedures:

  • ┬áStudents should bring their:
    • Laptop
    • Charger
    • Ethernet cable (and adaptor if needed) – wired internet is the most reliable
    • Photo ID
  • SecureClient lockdown browser will be used for this exam.
  • Students should complete all needed software updates prior to coming to the exam including any updates to SecureClient.
  • Students should find and flag their exam confirmation email from for easy access on exam day as it includes a unique keycode that is required to begin the exam.
  • Campus parking is not free on PASS Day exam days. One-day parking passes can be purchased from the Parking Office for $7.

PASSDAY Exam Calendar 2024:

Date Time Location
1/26/24 8:00 am IREB 250
2/23/24 8:00 am IREB 250
3/22/24 8:00 am IREB 260
4/19/24 8:00 am IREB 250
5/17/24 8:00 am IREB 260


Lyndsey Wilson, Coordinator
Testing and Evaluation Services