Course and Faculty Evaluation

Student feedback enables the faculty and staff to maintain and enhance the quality of the curriculum in each school on the UNTHSC campus. Student feedback is reviewed and compiled by administrators outside the purview of the academic department. The evaluations are maintained in a confidential manner and reported anonymously in summary documents provided to faculty and academic program administrators.


Who Should I Contact?

Dr. Andrea Gordon, Assistant Director
Testing and Evaluation Services


  • Faculty will receive emails to:
    • Verify course information prior to the opening of evaluations
    • Announce the availability of evaluation results
  • Students will receive emails to:
    • Announce the opening of evaluations
    • Remind students to complete their evaluations
    • Announce the closing of evaluations

Link to CoursEval to access reports and/or surveys

Link to faculty instructions on how to access course and faculty evaluation reports


  • Students are responsible for providing a constructive evaluation of each course, clinical rotation, and instructor in which they are enrolled per the Course and Instructor Evaluation Procedure.
  • Failure to complete course and faculty evaluations may result in a non-professional conduct report.
  • All quantitative evaluation data are reported anonymously in aggregate to the appropriate faculty and academic program administrators.
  • All student comments are reported anonymously, without edits, to the appropriate faculty and academic program administrators.
  • Testing and Evaluation Services (TES) does not review or censor student comments.  Students are advised to offer constructive, professional comments which do not contain threats or profanity. Faculty members and/or academic program administrators may identify comments which they consider unprofessional, threatening, or that use profanity, and report these to TES.  Reports received from faculty and/or administrators concerning student comments they consider are unprofessional or threatening are reviewed by the Director of Testing and Evaluation Services and the Sr. Vice Provost of Student Affairs.  Upon completion of a review of the reported comments, a determination is made as to whether the identity of the student should be disclosed for the purpose of counseling, discipline, or ensuring the safety of an individual.