Celebrating Research-June 2019

June 14, 2019 • Celebrating Research

Document title Authors Year Source
Potential two-step proteomic signature for Parkinson’s disease: Pilot analysis in the Harvard Biomarkers Study O’Bryant, S.E., Edwards, M., Zhang, F., (…), Kuras, Y., Scherzer, C.R. 2019 Alzheimer’s and Dementia: Diagnosis, Assessment and Disease Monitoring. 11, pp. 374-382
Author Correction: Magnesium intake and mortality due to liver diseases: Results from the Third National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey Cohort (Scientific Reports, (2017), 7, 1, (17913), 10.1038/s41598-017-18076-5) Wu, L., Zhu, X., Fan, L., (…), Liu, J., Dai, Q. 2019 Scientific Reports. 9(1),6983.
The human cost of global warming: Deadly landslides and their triggers (1995–2014) Haque, U., da Silva, P.F., Devoli, G., (…), Jian-Hong, W., Glass, G.E. 2019 Science of the Total Environment. 682, pp. 673-684.
Spectroscopic method for estimation of MMP-9 enzyme concentration and activity Synak, A., Serdiuk, I.E., Grobelna, B., (…), Gryczynski, I., Bojarski, P. 2019 Journal of Molecular Liquids. 286, 110936
Limited Intragenerational Mobility of Surgical Caseload of Iowa Hospitals O’Neill, L., Dexter, F., Epstein, R.H. 2019 Journal of Medical Systems. 43(7),187.
Development of zebrafish demyelination model for evaluation of remyelination compounds and RORγt inhibitors Zhu, X.-Y., Guo, S.-Y., Xia, B., (…), Wang, L., Wang, Y.-H. 2019 Journal of Pharmacological and Toxicological Methods. 98, 106585.
Leveraging a Low-Affinity Diazaspiro Orthosteric Fragment to Reduce Dopamine D 3 Receptor (D 3 R) Ligand Promiscuity across Highly Conserved Aminergic G-Protein-Coupled Receptors (GPCRs) Reilly, S.W., Riad, A.A., Hsieh, C.-J., (…), Karanicolas, J., Mach, R.H. 2019 Journal of Medicinal Chemistry. 62(10), pp. 5132-5147.
Neuronal deletion of phosphatase and tensin homolog results in cerebellar motor learning dysfunction and alterations in intracellular signaling Nolan, S.O., Jefferson, T.S., Reynolds, C.D., (…), Hodges, S.L., Lugo, J.N. 2019 Neuroreport. 30(8), pp. 556-561.
Zika Virus Infects Trabecular Meshwork and Causes Trabeculitis and Glaucomatous Pathology in Mouse Eyes Singh, P.K., Kasetti, R.B., Zode, G.S., (…), Juzych, M.S., Kumar, A. 2019 mSphere.  4(3).
Glucocorticoid Receptor Transactivation Is Required for Glucocorticoid-Induced Ocular Hypertension and Glaucoma Patel, G.C., Millar, J.C., Clark, A.F. 2019 Investigative ophthalmology & visual science. 60(6), pp. 1967-1978.
Angiotensin type 1a receptors in the median preoptic nucleus support intermittent hypoxia-induced hypertension Shell, B., Farmer, G.E., Nedungadi, T.P., (…), Cunningham, R.L., Cunningham, J.T. 2019 American journal of physiology. Regulatory, integrative and comparative physiology. 316(5), pp. R651-R665.
Expression and function of transient receptor potential ankyrin 1 ion channels in the caudal nucleus of the solitary tract Feng, L., Uteshev, V.V., Premkumar, L.S. 2019 International Journal of Molecular Sciences. 20(9),2065.
Comparison of diabetic nephropathy between male and female eNOS -/- db/db mice Ma, Y., Li, W., Yazdizadeh Shotorbani, P., (…), Zhou, Z., Ma, R. 2019 American journal of physiology. Renal physiology. 316(5), pp. F889-F897.
A free-choice high-fat, high-sucrose diet induces hyperphagia, obesity, and cardiovascular dysfunction in female cycling and pregnant rats Ahmed, H., Hannan, J.L., Apolzan, J.W., (…), Romero, S.A., Goulopoulou, S. 2019 American journal of physiology. Regulatory, integrative and comparative physiology. 316(5), pp. R472-R485
Evaluating Personalized Feedback Intervention Framing with a Randomized Controlled Trial to Reduce Young Adult Alcohol-Related Sexual Risk Taking Lewis, M.A., Rhew, I.C., Fairlie, A.M., (…), Anderson, J., Kaysen, D. 2019 Prevention Science. 20(3), pp. 310-320.
Longitudinal changes in all ostatic load during a randomized church-based, lifestyle intervention in african American women Tan, M., Mamun, A., Kitzman, H., Dodgen, L. 2019 Ethnicity and Disease. 29(2), pp. 297-308.
Does Current General Mental Health Status Relate to Current Smoking Status in Pregnant Women? Liu, D., Younger, E., Baker, S., (…), Willmoth, T., Hartos, J.L. 2019 Journal of Pregnancy. 2019, 7801465.
Correction to: Tat expression led to increased histone 3 tri-methylation at lysine 27 and contributed to HIV latency in astrocytes through regulation of MeCP2 and Ezh2 expression (Journal of NeuroVirology, (2019), 10.1007/s13365-019-00751-0) Liu, Y., Niu, Y., Li, L., (…), Xie, J., He, J.J. 2019 Journal of NeuroVirology
High-risk adolescents’ sexuality education preferences based on Hispanic ethnicity Maness, S.B., Wilson, K.L., Thompson, E.L., Rosen, B.L., Zingg, T. 2019 Sex Education
Exosomes derived from bone mesenchymal stem cells ameliorate early inflammatory responses following traumatic brain injury Ni, H., Yang, S., Siaw-Debrah, F., (…), Zhuge, Q., Huang, L. 2019 Frontiers in Neuroscience. 13(JAN),14.
Severe hypercholesterolemia in a 2-year-old Horner, S., Hamilton, L., Hamby, T., Wilson, D.P. 2019 Journal of Clinical Lipidology
Inflammatory Biomarkers, Depressive Symptoms and Falls Among the elderly in Panama Britton, G.B., O’Bryant, S.E., Johnson, L.A., (…), Pérez-Lao, A.R., Carreira, M.B. 2019 Current aging science. 11(4), pp. 236-241.
Wearable Devices for Single-Cell Sensing and Transfection Chang, L., Wang, Y.-C., Ershad, F., (…), Yu, C., Fan, Y. 2019 Trends in Biotechnology
Disparities in Hospice Utilization for Older Cancer Patients Living in the Deep South Turkman, Y.E., Williams, C.P., Jackson, B.E., (…), Bakitas, M., Rocque, G.B. 2019 Journal of Pain and Symptom Management
Evidence of Human Health Impacts From Uncontrolled Coal Fires in Jharia, India (  Book Chapter) Balogun, A.H., Dhar, U., Finkelman, R.B., (…), Shaikh, W.A., Stracher, G.B. 2018 Coal and Peat Fires: A Global Perspective. 5, pp. 344-358.