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When you have something to tell, show or promote, think about the strategy to get the results you are after. The OMC team can help you set a course for effective communication whether it is done internally or with freelance support. It’s always good to get some insight before you get started. Sometimes it’s only validation, but other times it may reveal unseen opportunities — both of which are important. And it affords opportunities for Extraordinary Teamwork.

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Our brand

Our team works hard to enhance and promote the UNTHSC identity. Use our Brand Identity to ensure you are using our logos and colors correctly.

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Communications strategy consulting

Each project starts with a consultation, where we help you determine the best strategies and communications tools for your project. Consultation meetings can include discussions about:

  • Understanding the creative process
  • How your project fits in to our larger communications strategy
  • Audience research, evaluation and market positioning
  • How best to promote your program or event

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