Values Integration

First Year Experience

Picture of Compass Rose event.

Our office focuses on five key areas for new employees.

1. New Team Member Orientation
Orientation is our offices first opportunity to help ensure new employees have a great HSC experience. HR and OCE collaborate to deliver a memorable experience that expresses the best of HSC culture and establishes employee connection.

2. 30-Day Touchpoint
The timing of touchpoints for new hires in the first year is critical to the establishing connection and integrating team members quickly into HSC culture. After the first month in a team member’s journey, OCE reminds team members of the importance of Our Values in their journey and sends useful links and contacts that a person may have received on their first day but did not understand the importance of the information at that time.

3. New Team Member Values Workshop
New team member values workshop is a three-hour workshop designed to instill HSC’s values as the foundation, demonstrate expectations for behavioral norms and to reconnect team members with others who started at HSC around the same time. This workshop occurs bi-Monthly and uses case studies, discussion and other tools to form a link between Our Values and related behaviors.

4. Compass Rose
The Compass Rose event occurs 30 days after the New Team Member Values Workshop. At this event, new team members have the opportunity to hear from senior leadership about how they view Our Values and use them in decision-making. New team members are again reconnected with those that started around the same time, and they have the opportunity to take Our Values pledge and receive the compass rose pin. Wearing the compass rose pin is a tangible way to say, “I am committed to living Our Values to the best of my ability. I may not always get it right but, I am all in.” By the end of this event the “baton” is passed to the new team members. They are no longer receivers of HSC culture; they are culture carriers.

5. HSC Campus Tour
The HSC Campus Tour launched in summer 2022. The purpose of the tour is to enable new team members to reconnect with their cohort who started around the same time and, highlight the great work that takes place at HSC which helps employees feel more connected to our vision, mission and purpose. Examples of stops include the new Simulation Lab in LIB, Center for Human Identification and Priority Care Clinic.

Values Foundations

Our office focuses on two areas to strengthen our values-based culture for existing employees.

1. Values Workshops for Existing Team Members
This is a 2.5-hour workshop designed for existing team members to drive intentional focus on the behaviors associated with Our Values and think differently about how to put the values into action before situations escalate. This workshop launched on April 14, 2022, and 20% of employees have completed the workshop. Moving forward, the workshop will be offered monthly, at minimum, and upon request. The workshops are offered for general groups and for specific departments with department head participation.

2. 13 Behaviors of a High Trust Leader
The Speed of Trust by Stephen Covey is foundational to HSC’s values journey. Our Values are built on the cornerstone of trust and the 13 Behaviors of a High Trust Leader as identified in this book are how HSC defines and demonstrates trust. This workshop will launch in FY23.