Office of Culture and Experience

HSC Connection Network for Non-Supervisors

Join the NEW HSC Connection Network for Non-Supervisors

Are you a non-supervisor looking for ways to connect, learn and grow? The Office of Culture & Experience (OCE) is excited to announce the NEW HSC Connection Network (HCN). The HCN allows you to stay informed and build your network. Starting this fall, the network will provide quarterly roundtable events with opportunities to connect to each other, as well as HSC’s mission, vision, purpose, and strategy.

Frequently asked questions:

     Q: Why should I join this network?
     A: OCE has consistently heard that team members are looking for ways to connect. This network provides a format to meet other colleagues, hear from leaders across campus and learn relevant information.

     Q: How do I join HCN?
     A: The Office of Culture & Experience is providing an “opt-in” feature to join HCN. By opting in, you will receive targeted communications and invitations regarding upcoming events. Click this link to opt-in to HCN.

     Q: If I join the network, do I have to attend the events?
     A: All of the upcoming events will be completely optional. OCE hopes that you will be able to attend the events as they are for your benefit, but there is no penalty for missing a session.

     Q: What if I am unsure about joining and would like to learn more?
     A: OCE is offering two virtual sessions where we will explain a little more about the HSC Connection Network and answer any questions so you can make an informed decision.

     Q: Is there a deadline to join the network?
     A: OCE encourages you to join the network by September 1st or at your earliest convenience so that we may start building our list and developing content. However, you may join the network at any time.

     Q: What happens after I join the network?
     A: Your HSC Email will be included to receive notifications of any upcoming events.

     Q: When are the quarterly events?
     A: Stay tuned for the first event this fall with more details to come.

Please email with any questions.