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It was 3pm on Thursday, March 3rd, when an amazing thing happened at HSC. People showed up! People poured out from all over campus… from the MET, from SSC, EAD, PD, RES, LIB, HP, FAC, CBH, Facilities, Bailey and from St. Louis Street. We gathered from all locations, reconnected with each other and saw many new faces. We enjoyed good food, played games, had fun and celebrated each other. It was truly an amazing thing to see! Thank you so much for attending.


  • There were well over 1200 people in attendance
  • Sponsored by the Office of the President
  • HSC Connection Exploration Pre-Game
    Created by the Recognition and Appreciation committee members, Jennifer Crumm, Kristina Clark, Leslie Henderson, Damaris Javier, and Jerry Emerson. The HSC Connection Exploration game helped players discover campus locations where people are invested in important work that supports HSC’s mission. The game also highlighted specific individuals who work in those areas. We heard comments such as, “We loved seeing where HSC Next is located. It is such a great space.” Dr. Farrah with Catalyst Health RX said, “I wanted to send you a quick note to say thank you again for including us.”
    We had a total of 66 participants with six final prize winners:
    1) Ritu Shetty – Pharmacology & Neuroscience
    2) Andrea Stinson – Center for Human ID
    3) Palak Desai – Institute for Health Disparities
    4) Randy Thomas – Facilities Administration
    5) Isabel Vecino – HSC Health Administration
    6) Hallie Caruthers – Student Experience and Academic Services
  • Who Wants To Be a Connectionaire 
    Created by the Recognition and Appreciation committee members, Lee Ann Embry, Pam Pleasant, Hannah Gambrell, and Leslie Henderson. This game was based off of a popular television game show which tested the knowledge of those who played.
  • Guess the Connection
    Created by the Recognition and Appreciation committee members, Tatiana Thompson, Laura Moore, Sanya Gupta, Leslie Henderson, and Stacy Boe, this fast-paced team game invited players to guess the hidden link between a number of items. Players in small teams played against each other as they received clues which led them to discover highlighted departments, schools and people.
  • We had a total number of 81 volunteers from across campus
    We are so thankful to have had so many great people help with this year’s PeopleFest. Here is a list of everyone who volunteered.
    Volunteer List
  • Outdoor Games
    This year we had a variety of games from table top games, to yard games, to the now famous axe throwing game. Yes, axe throwing! Who would of thought you could throw an axe on our campus? Turns out it was a weighted, inflatable axe with Velcro on the end which caused it to stick to the giant bullseye target.
    Inflatable games and Connect 4 provided by
  • Food
    Food was catered by Magdalena’s who provided fresh sliders and tacos as well as yummy chocolate ganache or cinnamon churros with cajeta sauce. Loved those churros!
  • Great Music
    Kam Hunt was a great DJ. If you are interested in booking him for your next event, you can learn more about him here.
  • Custodial Services
    Custodial services were provided by “All Janitorial.”
  • Photos
    Below are a few photos taken that day. Here is a link to more photos if you would like to see them – PeopleFest Photos


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  • Thank you again for attending and we look forward to seeing you at PeopleFest 2023.