UNT Health Science Center is on a coaching journey. With the foundation of our values-based culture, coaching can be a powerful tool that helps people grow and develop their potential.


We designed the UNTHSC coaching program to partner competent and credible coaches with individuals, teams and groups to help them identify, and achieve challenging goals aligned with the UNTHSC SEE_2020 Roadmap and unit initiatives.We use the International Coach Federation (ICF) guidelines to help develop competent and credible coaches throughout the UNTHSC.

Coaching assists all of our employees with having meaningful, individualized, and future-focused goal-driven discussions to impact performance, increase engagement, and improve retention.  We encourage every supervisor to meet with their team members (faculty and staff) for formal coaching at least three times per year.  The formal coaching plan assists with these developmental conversations.

Coaching gives each faculty and staff member the following:

  • A coach to encourage individual development
  • A coach to talk about progress at least every four months
  • A connection to the mission, vision and purpose of the institution
  • Opportunities to do your best work

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Through the Power of Our Values, we can make a difference in lives of our People with coaching.

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