Coaching Champions

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Our Coaching Champions share a common goal helping build the foundation of our values-based coaching culture. These champions have served as the voice of the UNT Health Science Center and assisted in developing a consistent message around coaching for all HSC team members. They recognize that before we can create a coaching culture, we need to make sure:

  • We all share a common understanding of “what is coaching.”
  • We are talking the same language when it comes to coaching.

Opportunities to participate as a Coaching Champion

  • Facilitator: Receive coaching specific training and help facilitate coaching workshops

Training will be facilitated by the Coaching Champions. The training will include an introduction to the coaching framework that will focus on both integrated coaching and scheduled coaching through the formal coaching plan.

  • Advisor: Meet on an as needed basis with the Office of Strategy and Performance to serve as an advisor for the coaching program

Advisors from faculty and staff provide input for the evolution of the coaching program to continue to align with campus needs.

  • Coach Pool Coach: Serve as a coach for a colleague at UNTHSC.

Internal coaches in the coach pool receive training on coaching methods.  Then, coaches partner with HSC team members to coach them based on their needs.

Questions? Contact the Office of Strategy and Performance at

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