Pharmacokinetics, Bioanalytical & Toxicology

HSC Preclinical Research Services currently offers the following procedures and tests. Additional procedures can be developed and validated to meet the individual requirements of our Sponsors.

Pharmacokinetics (IV, IP, SC, IM, PO)

  • Mouse, Rat, Rabbit, Guinea Pig, Hamster and Dog
  • Single and/or multiple-dose studies.
  • Dose escalation pharmacokinetics.
  • Calculation of pharmacokinetic parameters.

Rat Disposition Studies

  • Levels of parent and/or metabolites in plasma, bile, urine, feces.

Preliminary Toxicology

  • Maximum Tolerated Dose (MTD)
  • Tolerability following IV, IP, SC, IM or PO administration.
  • Species: mouse and rat.
  • Repeat Dose Tolerability

Bioanalytical / Analytical

  • Plasma, Urine, Bile or Tissue Level Analysis
  • Analysis of biological fluids and tissues using LCMS or HPLC techniques.
  • Compound Stability
  • Stability of test compound in plasma, serum, microsomes (multiple species) and chemical (pH, other)

Inhalation Exposure

  • Aerosol exposure and efficacy